New Fusion restaurant in Arcadia

We went there last night. It’s a Hong Kong-style restaurant.

When you enter from the parking lot, it seems to be a standard HK style place. There is a place where you can get roast duck and pork right next to the entrance. There’s a TV showing some obligatory Chinese program that no one can hear because the volume has been turned off. But as you walk further into the bowels of the restaurant, you notice the walls that are painted a rather aggressive shade of pomegranate. On those walls are large, rather tacky paintings of animals. Further in, there are even more paintings illuminated by the yet even tackier chandeliers and ceiling lights. It reminds me of a sea of jellyfish.

As for the food, the French style Filet Mignon was one of the best versions I’ve had. The BBQ Pork (aka cha siu) was very tasty. Other than that, the food was merely decent. The HK-style egg waffles were a bit heavy and lacking in crispness. I don’t think there was enough wok qi. They served the rice in some interesting small metal containers with glass lids instead of the standard opaque containers. The price is a bit higher than other HK-style places.


nitpicking here…


mandarin pinyin = huò qì
cantonese romanization (jyutping 粵拼) = wok hei

Btw, their crispy beef stew is interesting, although a bit heavy

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When they opened a few years ago the big draw was the deep fried stew meat. I wonder if it’s still on the menu.

Hilarious review.


Thanks. I’m usually too lazy to use the proper jyutping.

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