New maple syrup classifications

I couldn’t find Grade B maple syrup anywhere, which turns out to be because they changed the classifications. Now there’s nothing but Grade A. The former Grade B is “dark color and robust flavor,” though that could also be the former “Grade A: dark amber.” I suspect that’s the case with the one Trader Joe’s sells, since it doesn’t seem quite as intense as the otherwise identical-looking bottle of Grade B we’ve just about finished. I just ordered some “very dark color and strong flavor” (former Grade C).

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Growing up in New England I never paid attention to grades. Either your mom bought Aunt Jemima’s at the market or splurged on a tin can of Vermont maple with a screw top spout, decorated with a picturesque scene of snow covered trees & a red barn. This one we would pour on a bowl of front yard snow. Most likely it was Grade A, as it was thin and light.

Now in L.A., I’m just happy to find any maple syrup that isn’t too expensive. So I found the TJ’s grade controversy confusing. Thanks for the clarification.