New (to me) Sri Lankan in OC

Had a nice meal at Rice ‘n’ Spice today. Cheap, take out steam table Sri Lankan. I can only compare it to the few other places I’ve had in SFV area, but it compares very favorably to those. I’ll definitely come back. Fills a gap in OC’s food scene. Sorry, no pictorial essays from me… I guess you could call this textual photojournal :wink:


Rice N’ Spice
1732 Euclid Street
Anaheim, CA 92802
(657) 230-9275

any dishes worth noting?

Well, it’s a steam table, you know? I had a nice beef curry and some potatoes and the coconut sambal was tasty. I don’t know how much variability there is day to day though, since I’ve only been once. For all I know, the beef curry I had today won’t be the beef curry they serve tomorrow. I’d just go there and try samples of what looks good to you and pick what you like the best.

Another thing I did like was the rice they served with the combo was actually a biryani that was honestly better than most.