New York updates?

Heading to New York first week of October. Been a couple years. Building my whole week around eating. Brooklyn, queens, etc will travel for food. Not a lot of action on this board. Any must eats these days? Also heading to Boston for a few days before, Been years since I have been to that area. Taking suggestions for that too.

Help us narrow it down. What are you looking for? How much do you want to spend?

Honestly i am 100% open. Cheap hole in the wall to tasting menu. I have 5 nights. I am not doing tasting menu for all meals but open to higher end. Here is my current list i have going: New York dining list




Nami nori




Golden diner

Tompkins square bagels


Chelsea Brooklyn Bagel

Johns Pizza


Park Italian or Pisslilo has great Italian sandwich


Lilia- month out reservation call

Maybe Lucali or Razza pizza

Don Angie - week out reservation

Upland- month out open table

Francie looks badass

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My cousin and his friend/chef partner just opened up 63 Clinton. I didn’t get a chance to fly in for opening, but I do know it’s a fun, dinner party vibe with excellent food.


Mostly following since I plan on going back to NYC soon and out of the loop.

Lilia was excellent. Russ and daughters is always great for appetizing stuff that’s hard to find in LA.

My favorite Italian sandwich in the city was DeFontes but they closed the Manhattan branch. I think they still have a Brooklyn branch.

Russ and Daughters always a stop. I will check out Lilia. Oh dang well I will be doing a Brooklyn day just an eating journey. I will check out DeFontes.

If you can score a reservation, I would consider Sushi Noz a must.

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