Nice beer bar or ? within a half hour of LAX at rush hour

I’m planning to hit Il Romanista for lunch, so will be in El Segundo. At 4:30 I have a phone meeting that can last 30-90 minutes so would like to find a brewpub, beer bar, or the like someplace where at rush hour I can get to the rental car dropoff at LAX in half an hour. Moderate noise is OK, I have noise-cancelling headphones and will be on mute most of the time.

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You could just go to El Segundo Brewing. Or Monkish or Smog City.


Also Three weavers and rock and brews.

Three weavers more of a tasting room brewery with picnic tables inside and out but lots of good beer selections and board games.

Rock and brews traditional bar with ok food and a wide beer selection very lively atmosphere and lots of tvs if that’s your thing


R6 Distillery opens at 4pm. They have nice cocktails and 3 Chiefs beer on tap.

Proud Bird has a full bar and you can nibble on Bludso’s if you are hungry.

El Segundo is probably your best, safest bet for beer quality + proximity. I worry Monkish & Smog City could be more than half an hour, especially right in the thick of rush hour.

Secondary options I’d say Three Weavers, Common Space, and LA Ale Works are all decent breweries with nice spaces (Common Space might be my favorite).

If food is important you could try The Tripel, from Top Chef Brooke if that kind of thing matters to you.

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Hi @Srsly @Nemroz,

Between El Segundo Brewing Co. and The Tripel, which one is more conducive to killing an hour or so (I have to pick up a friend from LAX). Do both of them have TVs or areas to setup a laptop?


The seating AT ELSBC is stools and mostly high tops. You could fit a laptop on here but the tasting room is basically an outcrop where they house their tanks. I don’t think this would be ideal.

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Melody Bar & Grill is outstanding.

Drink the local Venice Duck on tap.

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I’m actually going to respectfully & gently disagree with @js76wisco here - to my taste I think ESBC would be more comfortable if you’re going to set up a laptop and work.

There’s no food, which could be a downside, but there’s also no expectation to order, eat, and move on - it’s definitely a place to linger. And it is mostly stools at high top tables, but there are a handful of two-top normal tables with real chairs, which should probably be available if you’re there at off-peak hours. The big roll up door lets in a lot of fresh beachy air, and the beers are awesome, especially if you like IPAs… I like ESBC a lot.

If eating is important, though, The Tripel might be the better option.

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Haven’t been to either lol. much too west for me

you mean spending time though, not killing time

Faie enough. I’ve been to ESBC twice after work around 6pm to 7pm range when it was crowded so may be a different experience at an earlier less crowded time. I haven’t been to slice and pint around the corner but heard some good things.

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Monkish didn’t really have a good place to set up a laptop.

Smog City works. Convenient Costco gas station on the way to LAX.

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Wow, thanks @J_L. Had no idea this place existed like 2 minutes from LAX. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Srsly @js76wisco good to know.

Just across the street from the planespotting In-N-Out!

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Father’s Office

I hear the burger is pretty good, too.


I’ve heard that as well. But Father’s Office wouldn’t be safely 30 minutes from LAX at rush hour.

Tripel would be a good choice. Or play it safe and stay in El Segundo as others have suggested.

Huge thanks to @J_L (and everyone for their suggestions as well). :slight_smile:

We ended up trying Melody Bar while waiting for our friend. It’s a fun old-school dive bar (with booths and restaurant tables on the side). :slight_smile: A big oval bar in the center with local folks eating happy hour wings and small bites, enjoying a cocktail or beer.

We tried their Lemon Pepper Wings which were surprisingly crispy and tasty. They were sold out of the Venice beer on tap, darn! They had a few major sports games on the large HDTVs around the restaurant / bar, and a DJ spinning vinyl on the wheels of steel… at 4 p.m. in the afternoon! LOL. :slight_smile:

I was able to while away an hour waiting for our friend’s flight to arrive, while Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two”, Color Me Badd and other fun jams were filling the bar & grill.


Completely off topic but @Chowseeker1999

Have you been to Motown on Mondays at the Short Stop (Echo Park)? I think you would personally love it!

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Oh. My. Gawd.

Even more reasons to go to Melody Bar now.