Nitpicking about feijoada

The beans are feijao and the meat dish like I shared is feijoada . Couve is collards.

What’s called Sexy Beans on the menu is feijoada. The “beans and rice” plate is feijoada served in the traditional way with rice, couve, and farofa.

It may be the “traditional way” in the US but certainly not in Brazil. Here’s just one description:

“Feijoada, Brazil’s national dish, is a stew loaded with black beans and meats of every description: smoked pork loin, bacon and sausage such as chorizo. Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner of Manhattan’s famed Le Bernardin, learned to make this recipe from Maria Auxiliadora Etheve, owner of the restaurant Cacau in the Brazilian beach town of Trancoso. To make the base, Etheve sweats garlic and onion in oil in a cast-iron pot, then adds the black beans and water and cooks them until the beans are almost tender. Then she adds all the meats and a whole hot chile to the pot and simmer the mixture some more. Once it’s finished, the stew is so murky it’s almost pitch-black, and deeply flavorful. The dish is traditionally served with sweet, cool orange wedges on the side, and with toasted manioc flour for sprinkling over the feijoada, adding substance and crunch.”

Trust me, robert. We probably ate it two Saturdays out of three over a number of years. I can’t find one photo in particular that showed a buffet with probably 10 or 12 pots of ‘pig parts.’ At the end of the line was the couve, farofa, rice and way more. You’re pretty audacious about deleting unwelcome comments on someone else’s post.

My point was just that there’s always rice, couve, and farofa.

Here’s the feijoada from our fave place in Rio.

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It must be nice owning this site and if someone disagrees with you you can hide them elsewhere.

And plenty of other things as you can see from my photo.

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It is customary to serve it with white rice and oranges, the latter to help with digestion, as well as couve, a side dish of stir-fried, chopped collard greens, and a crumbly topping called farofa, made of manioc flour.

Yes, dear. And where we ate they also had okra/qiabo, cracklin’s, and a multitude of other things. And then about a dozen desserts.

Yes, in Brazil feijoada is commonly served as a buffet with a lot of dishes.

But when it’s not, which is almost always the case in the US, it’s invariably served with rice, couve, and farofa (which are also always part of the buffets). Which makes Sexy Beans eccentric as US Brazilian restaurants go.