Nobu Malibu - Recs?

I am heading to Nobu Malibu this weekend. Price, thankfully, is no issue, as I am using two gift certificates from past holiday seasons that amount to $800–you’d think there’s no way two people could reasonably blow past that, but who knows.

Given this, would be curious if anyone has favorite dishes there other than the obvious classics (miso cod, etc).

Thanks in advance.

Copious amounts of champagne


I think you have answered your own question.

Rock Shrimp Tempura with that gooey, creamy sauce (gross for me) seems to be beloved by most.
Albacore dish with whatever fried onion or garlic shite they put on top
Tiradito / New Style sashimi’s are usually pretty good.
I can only speak to West Hollywood where most of the sushi and sashimi is good.

Try the Nobu label Hokustesu YK-35 Daiginjo sake.
Fairly reasonably priced compared to the others, easy to drink.

(There are a few sake bottles on the menu that might run $400 - $800 per…)


You were right. I will say this: the classics are quite good. The miso black cod, in particular, is so far and away the best version of that now-ubiquitous dish I have ever had that every other version pales in comparison. It’s every bit as good as the first time I had it at Matsuhisa.

Everything else was largely in the fine to good category, except one other stunner: King Crab Tempura. Thick chunks of king crab in a light, crispy tempura batter, with a pool of jalapeno ponzu at the bottom. Really delicious.

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