North South Friendship Chinese Restaurant Not The Train Wreck I Expected

Dropped by the HK2 shopping center in West Covina last week and noticed that Yaya Restaurant had become Yaha Restaurant, but it was their day off. Doing a quick Yelp search there were only two ratings, each giving one star (which probably would have been no stars if that option were available). The highlight was probably the comment that when the diner received pork dumplings after ordering fish dumplings, the complaint registered the response that all the dumplings were in a bag and it was hard to tell them apart. Anyway I rushed back to Yaha the first chance I got, out of a combination of the natural attraction to train wrecks, along with the possibility that this would be a short lived restaurant. First thing is that the name of the restaurant might also be North South Friendship Restaurant as that’s what appears on their business card. I’m guessing they use the name Yaha out front to minimize the cost of putting up a new sign, instead of having to spring only for the cost of a new letter. Feeling extra adventurous I ordered the fish dumplings, and actually got fish dumplings, which were pretty good. (I wonder if they bought them from someplace else.) We also ordered the beef roll, which was a bit different from the normal version. The wrapper was not especially crispy, and there was almost no hoisin sauce inside. But it worked. Not sure if I was pleased or disappointed with a reasonably decent lunch. North South Friendship/Yaha is at 979 Glendora Ave.