Not Pizza but Q's Halal in Richmond review

No one answered so I went to Q’s Halal Pizza in Richmond, but I didn’t have pizza. I had what they call a “Lamb Gyro.” As you know Gyro is actually stacked slices of meat on a vertical spit and then thin slices are sliced off and put on a pita with lettuce, onions, cucumber and yogurt sauce.
$7 which seems cheap for all that lamb.

This was actually Souvlaki. Which is exactly the same but with chunks of lamb like from shish kebab.
It was perfect, absolutely delicious. It was the best I have had since I was in Greece 50 years ago when they still used lamb. This large “Gyro” was only $7 which seems cheap for all that lamb and deliciousness.
I’ll be back, often!!!

I used to get gyros pizza at Pomegranate, the Greek place on University that closed a few years ago. It’s an excellent idea.

Sounds great. I think 90% of “gyro” meat sold in the USA comes from the same frozen block almost anywhere you go, so this is good to hear.