November 2016 Weekend Rundown

Kanalua he maanei, loaa!


Ooh. @ipsedixit were you in Hawaii? :slight_smile: Welcome back.

Lunch today at Wexler’s Santa Monica. 1/2 Sturgeon 1/2 Lox and all wonderful.



Oh thank god. I thought you abandoned us.

first lunch - one of everything omakase

hirame - fluke

kanpachi - amberjack

amberjack belly

kurodai - black snapper

hamachi - yellowtail

maguro - bluefin tuna

o-toro - bluefin tuna belly
So fatty and oily, america wants to invade it.

kinmedai - golden eye snapper

sea eel - anago
great soft texture and not overly sauced

san diego uni - godless stinging machines


masu - ocean trout
Excellent, silky smooth. Reminded me of mori’s cherry trout.

kohada - gizzard shad

ikura - salmon roe

hotate - scallop

kaki - oyster

marinated uni
This was new to me, Hiro-san marinated the uni for four months in miso and it resulted in this creamy intense uni flavored paste that turned the uni up to 11

engawa - fluke fin

#The NoMad Truck
Second lunch
humm dog - bacon-wrapped dog with black truffle and celery relish on griddled bun
This was okay, I would stick with the fish or chicken.

First dessert
Soft Serve - milk and honey with honey-oat shortbread, milk meringue and brittle

#Salt & Straw
Second dessert
Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans. It was fowl.


The $64000 question: How was the shari at Q?

Shari was well seasoned and a bit al dente for my taste, I still prefer Mori’s shari. And the neta was colder than expected. Overall very good edomae sushi. I’ll note I was served by Hiro-san and he was very friendly and informative.

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks for the report back. How much did it cost?

Unfortunately for me and 5 different groups of co-workers and friends (w/ their SO), we’re not going back to Q Sushi. Overpriced, awful attitude / exclusionary, and just not very good.

[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:8, topic:4543”]
edomae sushi
[/quote]I’m not being a jerk. I’m a student. I thought edomae = sushi. So what does “edomae-style sushi” mean? I’m reading my book Sushi. But you can’t learn everything from a book.

Very nice looking meal btw. The miso uni is particularly intriguing.

What was the creamy stuff on that hot dog?

Put down the book and join the interweb. :wink:

LOL true… Yes, I’ve read the kcet article before. I get the 18th century fermentation thing. I was just wondering what contemporary diners mean when making the distinction. Sushi can be so darn esoteric.

Kale Caesar from by Chloe (A.K.A. the vegan restaurant in 365 by Whole Foods in Silverlake). It was a tasty, substantial kale salad that was quite light on the Caesar dressing. The shiitake “bacon” was divine, and the croutons were a bit too sweet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the salad.

Matcha blueberry muffin from by Chloe. Again, the matcha flavor wasn’t detectable, but it was a moist, satisfying muffin.

Homemade yakisoba pan, which is basically a carb-on-carb sandwich. There’s roasted kabocha, grilled eggplant, cabbage, and shiitake mushrooms in there though.


Oh good. Someone actually ate some food this weekend. Nice touch with the cutting board.

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I’d perish without my weekend eating excursions, @TheCookie! Life just wouldn’t be worth living.

Ah, I finally used my fancy cutting board. It was kind of expensive, so it’s just a prop in my kitchen. It finally occurred to me today that I could use it for staging food photos. It only took me 5 years to realize that…

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To me, it means “traditional” sushi that you would find in Tokyo – seasoned rice topped with seafood also known as nigiri.

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#Sapp Coffee Shop
Special boat noodles - pork blood, beef tendon, beef tripe, beef liver, meatballs and pork skin. So funky bruno mars wants to take it uptown. #funkme

jade noodles with bbq pork, roast duck and crab meat #eatyourgreens

sen chan pad pu - stir-fried rice noodles with chili garlic, crab meat, and egg


That’s funny. It looks cool.

[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:16, topic:4543”]
To me, it means “traditional” sushi that you would find in Tokyo – seasoned rice topped with seafood also known as nigiri.
[/quote]Ahhh… not some crazy rolls and stuff. Got it.

I think that was the truffle mayo

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It was $123 before tax and tip. I was aware of the stories of Hiro-san pawning off his customers to his assistants, so when i made my reservation i made sure he would be serving me. I can totally understand not wanting to come back if that happened to me.

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