[NPR] Forget tomayto/tomahto: The real debate is, should it be refrigerated?

Funny - I’ve been keeping my tomatoes out of the fridge ever since hearing this interview on NPR.

For me, the larger issue/conversation is about the fridge’s ideal function. Of course, it’s to keep things cold. Duh. But I know that I’ve been guilty of using it as a way to extend the life of food that shouldn’t be extended, like some sort of Walt Disney cryogenic freezing chamber. And often times, this just resulted in a bunch of food waste. So with produce especially, what I’ve been trying to do is only buy what I need in the immediate future. Like, to make today or tomorrow. Buying one or two individual tomatoes vs. the whole vine, etc.

Then, the fridge is allowed to focus on its job of keeping beverages or yogurt or condiments cold.

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Me too about keeping tomatoes out since hearing that piece… but I’m wavering now because they actually get very warm and unappealing during the warmer months.

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I’ve never kept tomatoes in the fridge.

Kept on the counter, stem-side down, they’ll last for quite some time.