NYC Covid-19 Lockdown Food Delivery/Takeout Guide

For those short on supplies or unable to cook. Please add to this thread for any not listed below

Shoji @ 69 detail

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Sushi Amane - Midtown East

Juku - Chinatown

Nakaji - Chinatown

Hi @Beli, welcome to FTC. Can you please post this on the Boston board too.

Saigon Social LES by the wonderful Helen Ngyuen

Philippe Chow

Offering Complimentary Lunches to Any Child From Now Until the End of March
33 E 60th Street, New York, NY 10065 | (212) 644-8885
12:00PM - 2:00PM

With public schools closed, Philippe Chow’s Upper East Side location is offering free lunches from their Kid’s Menu to any child under 14 from now until the end of March. From 12:00pm to 2:00pm any child accompanied by an adult, can pick up a complimentary lunch. A sign of hope that working together, we can get through this!

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In a city with a strong culture of bodega takeout sandwiches, and eating on the run, I hope this translates to some success for the more expensive restaurants.

Dear Manhattan Sushi Bros:

I have a semi-big birthday coming up. My original celebration plans are obviously off the table, so I thought I’d get some take-out or delivery higher-end-than-my-usual sushi. I checked the places mentioned in this thread, and Shoji seems like the best (and possibly only) bet. Is it? Your help is much appreciated.

Haven’t been to the other places mentioned in the thread so I can’t compare it, but Shoji was my last pre-pandemic meal and I enjoyed it.