Hey krewe,


Going to be in NYC for number of days (most likely 4, but may extend it by only one day),

Where would you go ? Price doesn’t quite matter, but no more than $200 per for sushi and then only if the sushi is better than Los Angeles.

My list, without further adieu:

Shopsin’s for breakfast

Katz’s for pastrami and Carnegie for pastrami, cause it’s closing soon.

Babbo, for old timer’s sake.

Emilio’s Ballato for Italian.

Le Bernadin for the fish tasting menu, I guess this would be pushing my 200 per.

Sushi Nakazawa

Sushi on Jones.

Di Fara. plus Phillip’s Candy Shoppe for charlotte russes, and hot dogs from Nathan’s on Coney Island, Louis CK style.

Sabrett’s dirty water dog as I’m walking, is there a difference between any of the dirty water carts ?

Toreros Italian Specialities.

Kabab Cafe in Queens.

Please correct my list or better yet add it what you think is best. I’m probably going to tap out after 10 or 11 meals, not including Sabrett’s Dirty Water dogs and maybe a stray slice of cheese after hitting up a bar or club.

And couple bars preferably dives that are locals type of places would be even better too.

Lastly, which 4 places are MUST GO TOS.]


For sushi i would add ichimura at brushstroke.
Lunch at Marea for their bone marrow and octopus fusilli and the uni and lardo crostini

Breakfast at Russ and Daughters

Greys Papaya cuz grilled hot dogs, skip dirty water dog unless that is your thing, or Crif Dog

Peter Lugers for schlag

I still love Babbo. Is there any place similar? For lunch would be even better?

Wu Liang Ye. Ox tongue and tripe with roasted chile-peanut vinaigrette, dan dan noodles, pan-seared pork dumplings, stir-fried bacon with spicy capsicum, camphor tea-smoked duck, sauteed stringbeans with “Yibin City Spiced.”

Don’t tarnish your memories of Carnegie by going back, it’s not what it once was.

Maybe head up to Pastrami Queen instead. My brother has been taunting me with pictures, and it looks great. Believe @Ns1 gave it top scores after a recent visit, as well.

For my taste buds better than Katz (albeit same abysmal bread)

Russ & Daughter

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for my money, the best meal I had in NYC was @ Marea. At ~$200 for 2, it was also the cheapest of my 3 big money meals (with the highest $$$ meal being Nakazawa).

I mean Nakazawa was good but I’d rather go eat at Marea twice for the price.

I just looked at their “business lunch” (primo and secondi) for $52. That looks perfect for us as we’ll be staying in Greenpoint so lunch will be easier.

That does look great.

Has anyone been to Lucali’s ?

And I’m going to be a solo diner… is Peter Luger still good or is it super weird if I order the Porterhouse for Two for myself. Theres no way I’m ordering the much crappier single filet for myself.

Whats Marea ?

How much did Nakazawa ending up running you

by the way is there anything worthwhile you would visit in Queens as a stop before the airport ?

whipped cream ?

see my comment on Peter Luger steak below.

check out the $100 dinner prie fixe

I think we walked out of Nakazawa between $450-$500/2, and that was only with a few beers. if you get sake/champagne/wine (or if you eat a lot and go crazy on bonus rounds…), you’re in a different stratosphere.

Yes, someone was telling me about 500 dollar bottle of sakes.

It’s actually $650/bottle @ Nakazawa

I was perfectly content drinking $12 bottles of Ginga Kogen.

I would have no shame in ordering a monstrous steak for myself. I have done it myself, for lunch.

And yes, a whole bowl of schlag (whipped cream) for your dessert.

Brooklyn specific pizza questions

  1. Does anybody know approximately how long a weekday afternoon wait is for DiFara?
  2. What time does Lucali start taking names down for tables?
  3. Is the original Roberta’s still worth a visit?
  4. Anybody else on in the BK you would go out of the way for?

On a Wednesday at 4pm in November, zero minutes.

Totonno’s, but only if I were in Coney Island already.