Nyc trip, near downtown

staying way downtown near alphabet city and east village. reservations would be best; have six in our party.
this is all for next month.

no sushi. drinks a must, though only beer and wine is o.k. will take bar suggestions and suggestions for dinner. no high end, please, and no tasting menus.
everything else is pretty much up for grabs.

any suggestions, please? thanks.

When we lived in nyc we loved amor y amargo in alphabet city for bitter cocktails. It is very small… we also went to oda house for georgian food.

We were in NYC over 4th of July weekend. Had a memorable, fantastic meal at Gramercy Tavern. Went for the prix fixe option, not the tasting menu. Every dish was outstanding. My favorite restaurant in the U.S. Reserve one month in advance

Just book Nomad, Dirty French, Barbuto, Betony

Covina (in Flatiron technically, but close enough to AC and EV)
Gotham Bar & Grill (Greenwich, but close to enough to EV)
Carbone (Greenwich, but close to enough to EV)
ABC Kitchen (in Flatiron technically, but close enough to AC and EV)
… and if you can ditch two of your dinner-mates, then Dinnertable

For drink in the EV, Death & Co., or Raines Law Room a bit further NW in Flatiron.

Serious Eats has a lot of guides to NYC. Hope some of them help. Have a great time!

There are a lot more, but these looked like the most interesting.

many thanks to all for helping out. i look forward to reading more suggestions

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amor y amargo in alphabet city
one of my favourite bars anywhere. love it.

I like The Eddy and Noreetuh, both medium (not high) end. Both offer tasting menus, but you aren’t obligated to go that route. For something cheaper and more casual, Rosie’s is a lot of fun, good food and drink, and especially nice with the side walls open on a warm evening. And Boulton and Watt has great drinks and good food (especially for the price). I had a stellar soft-shelled crab dish there a few weeks ago. But it gets loud. If your noise tolerance is low, avoid.

PS The East Village isn’t really “way downtown.” A good deal of Manhattan is further south than that.

Not sure if you needed anything for breakfast or brunch but you’re close to Russ & Daughters, Prune and Clinton St Baking Co. All are great for the first meal.

East Village also has a couple of restaurants from the Momofuku empire nearby.

If you guys want pizza (and who doesn’t?), try PN Pizza in nearby Flatiron.

Some of best the pies around, may have supplanted Don Antonio as my favorite Neapolitan slice.

Also, if you go, make sure to try their anchovy, prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich. Crazy good stuff.

And, yes, full bar.

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i just thought i’d give a very quick rundown of where we ended up this nyc trip.

long island: very good tomatoes and corn. no real memorable meals out.
the city:
first night kinda loose; we found an empty tapas place in the east village called donostia, and were
pretty much the only ones in there. the pinxtos were pretty good, although they came out rather slowly. good
brandade type thing. not a bad sidra on tap; no liquor license, but had an outstanding glass of toro. the proprieter
could not have been nicer.
went for a drink at pouring ribbons up the street and had a fantastic cocktail. would definitely return. ended up at amor y amargo, and it was the usual: great.
next day had lunch at hunan house uptown; apparently the mothership is in flushing. it was o.k.; i don’t think we ordered all that well. didn’t hold up to the hunan i’ve had in the san gabriel valley. clientele almost exclusively chinese, from what i could tell.
dinner was at a teeny joint called graffiti again in the east village. modern riff on indian that was very, very tasty. kind of cramped but delicious.
never did eat up in the bronx, but had a nice lunch at beyoglu in the UES. love how they serve the raki in a little metal dish filled with ice.
dinner at osteria morini. everyone enjoyed the pastas here a lot. nice wine list. ok cocktails. the grilled meat plate was only eh, charcuterie pretty good. pasta the thing to get here. fun meal.
after that went to bar gotoh. pretty unique cocktail joint. got an exegesis on japanese whiskey i will never forget from
a shaggy-like enthusiastic server. not cheap but execution flawless.
lunch/brunch at greater ny noodletown the next day. tasty enough. crowd pleasing, decent cantonese dumpling/noodle fare.
dinner was at st. anselm in brooklyn. i would return here in a heartbeat. everything from the vegetables to the 23 dollar butcher’s steak to the expensive ax handle ribeye was outstanding. pork chop best thing on the table. a destination restaurant. any fans of, say, chi spacca in l.a. should go here, although it is thoroughly american and not italianate. love this restaurant.

oh, and i should mention a couple of afternoon stops at lupa (after walking around all day, air conditioning and a spritzer are very welcome) and for a slice of the spicy square at prince street pizza (tasty, although the pepperoni falls off when you take a bite. but that pepperoni is quite something).

thanks to all for help.

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