October 2017 Weekend Rundown

Fall is finally in the air.

Ribeye ($79) at Pacific Dining Car (Downtown)… Contrary to popular opinion about this place, this cut was pretty damn good! Perfectly cooked.


Green tea soft serve with matcha powder, at Tea Master Matcha Cafe & Green Tea Shop… Can’t go wrong here. Deep, yet subtly bittersweet matcha essence.


Sad Dodger Dog… Needs no explanation. But hey the Dodgers are playing in Fall.


Takeout sushi from Mitsuwa Market… A friend visiting LA from Midwest who just got off the plane at LAX in the mid-afternoon needed a sushi fix stat, so…


… and finally - Mooncakes!



Hell to the YES w/ the mooncakes (esp the lotus-seed ones)!!!


Team Lotus Seed!

Team No Yolk!


Not a fan of the triple duck yolk? :joy::joy::joy:


That damn yolk is my favorite part of moon cake…I always hope my quarter slice gets the largest share of egg.

Dude that yolk is all you. I detest it.


I’m with @J_L and @JeetKuneBao , that egg yolk is putrid and the worst part is once you eat it, you are stuck with that tortuous flavor for about 10 minutes due to the grainy yolk texture. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


@A5KOBE I bet you and @J_L order the Mooncakes with 4 Egg Yolks per serving right? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That egg yolk with moon cake was my introduction to the salty-sweet combination…I love it to this day. Admittedly, I don’t eat as much of it now…it’s more a lovely childhood memory.

Yes!!! That is precisely what bothers me. The taste and texture are revolting (IMHO). Fortunately, the yolks are dry enough that I can finger them out and only need to deal w/ a few of the weird “crumbs” left behind. But then I feel like I have so little filling after that. And then I feel like a bad Asian for not lovin’ the yolk. It’s like I’m expressing the inherent tensions of my multi-cultural upbringing through my interactions w/ mooncake (and, yes, that will be the title of my memoir and/or the next hit HK soap opera, even if they already did one about mooncakes).

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I don’t love the yolk either.

But then, I don’t like any part of the mooncake.


Not pictured Del Taco.

Not pictured me sucking at every game after 20 plus years.


Colecovision, dude.


Bludso’s (La Brea).

Brisket, pulled pork, hot links, cornbread w/ honey butter, and mac & cheese. I miss the Compton location so decided to finally try this one. I regret waiting so long to go here. I think I actually like the food better over here than at the original Bludso’s. :thinking:


Wexler’s GCMIMG_3104



Pasta Sisters Spaghetti Arrabiata , eggplant parm and side of chicken. Spaghetti was great always, didn’t love the eggplant wouldent get that again. Sorry for bad pictures.

Also this weekend (not pictured)

  • northern cafe beverly: pork dumplings, sautĂ©ed eggplant , Kung Lao chicken… Great as always.
    -Kaya Kitchen on Fairfax: chicken bowl. (Cheap and Good Southeast Asian style fast food (chipotle style) across from the grove)
    -Pita bar and grill; falafffel Pita,not as good as ta-eem but very close

@thechez5 La brea bludsos crushes it always, best bbq in SoCal IMO (along w Phil’s in San Diego)

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I am also in this camp. Neither location is super convenient, but the La Brea one is closer, and the food is certainly fantastic… No shame in preferring Bar and Cue, IMHO.

But don’t you also dislike chocolate and pastrami??? Or was it butter and pastrami?

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Butter and pastrami. Individually and certainly in combination.