Of Macau Egg Tarts, Hong Kong Tofu Flower and Black Sesame Puree!

So glad you liked it @JeetKuneBao! :slight_smile:

Now it’s time for @paranoidgarliclover to finally try the Black Sesame Puree as well! :smile:

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I know, seriously, every time I’m in the SGV (which isn’t often), I think to myself, “Do I have time to get to V P Tofu today???” One day, I swear!!!

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Just tried VP’s black sesame soup. The viscosity is off…way too thick like a paste…I suspect that they didn’t wanna spend a lot of time making them so they put a lot of rice flour to thicken it up

Hi @moonboy403,

Wow, what time did you get this at? I wonder if it’s toward the end of the day? The last 4 times we’ve gotten it (usually brunch time) it’s never been “paste”-like at all. Maybe end of the batch (bottom of the pot)? Bummer though.

Possibly…since it was around 4 but looking at @JeetKuneBao and your pics, they look really gloopy too. A good black sesame dessert soup should be very smooth and luscious.

Thanks. Interesting. Yah ours certainly wasn’t paste-like. Where are your favorite places for black sesame puree / soup?

I haven’t really been seeking out Chinese dessert places so I’m not of much help here! Sorry!

Maybe we can seek out places together next time? :wink:


@ipsedixit or @robert : is it possible to move/crosslink the section referring to a Bay-area eatery to the SF/Bay-area forum? Might be helpful to have this info for those doing a search on that specific forum…

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I went to VP this weekend and was super excited to try their black sesame puree. It was Saturday, shortly after 12 pm. I was saddened when I got home and saw the consistency of the puree - thick and kind of goopy. My conclusion was that they must use a thickening starch, a process known as “開粉.” The sesame seeds could benefit from more roasting too as the flavor wasn’t as strong as I’d like.

Yup. My thoughts exactly.


I just came across this video and this is what I meant by a black sesame puree having the right viscosity.

More goop like sesame puree that I had yesterday at Phoenix in Rowland Height.

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Any thoughts about the Black Sesame Puree from Phoenix Inn/Food Boutique? I actually enjoy their version.

The picture I posted above is from Phoenix in Rowland Height. Maybe I’ll try the one on Valley and New Ave for research.


I just got this from the Phoenix on Valley and New Ave. It’s much better than the Rowland Height location since it’s much less goopy. As far as flavor goes, I’m a little sick so I can’t make a judgement on that.


Thanks for making the effort to try out a different Phoenix FB location. It looks yummy! Feel better!


It’s been 2.5+ years since the initial post. Kee Wah prices now are $1.80 for signature egg tarts and $2.00 for Portuguese egg tarts. The flaky crust on the signature tart is good but a bit eggy. I think I like Portuguese egg tarts better.


Majority opinion.

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Fabulous video! And funny, as I am trying to find the right poppyseed grinder, I kept looking at the video, to see that they were using. They did not show it but form what I can tell - maybe a meat grinder? So cool, thanks for posting this!