Okiboru Tsukemen Ramen DTLA

Anyone been? If so how is it compared to Tsujita?

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Bump. Looks non-Japanese…

Fiction CAN be fun.

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they were listed on michelin’s “bib” list. they have 4 tsukemen choices (one vegetarian - we passed) and a few choices of ramen including one tonkotsu. we tried the 3 tsukemen: pork, chicken & yuzu broths. ($1299 - $13.99)

which each accompanied bowls which looked much like this one

but are apparently set up to match the accompanying broth. but that didn’t stop us from trying each broth with our individual bowl of noodles. it turns out the chicken/pork referred to the meat in the bowl of noodles and the broths for the two choices was much the same. the yuzu choice was interesting. with little fat to cling to the noodles i would have expected relatively reduced levels of flavor but that wasn’t the case, especially if you slurped as you’re supposed to. very clean, if you’d use that term to describe tsukemen that use fat as the vehicle to attach flavor to the noodles.

personally i would have preferred that the broths be a LOT hotter. also the egg was cold instead of room temperature. these are the kind of details that make me wonder just what the criterion are for the bib list.

EDIT: to be fair, they make their noodles daily inhouse. very nice texture and the flavor goes well with the broths.

one hour parking validation in the attached garage parking for jia apartments. just north of cesar chavez on the west side of broadway.