Omakase in 2019--What's the best option?

I am doing a sushi extravaganza to celebrate a life event, and wanted to get some thoughts from the sushi experts here. I used to be a big Mori fan–haven’t gone back since he left though. Is it still tops in LA? Is there anywhere else people are loving at the moment in LA proper (no valley) for Omakase?

Thanks in advance.

Ginza Ondera
Sushi Tsujita


How about Hayato? it’s not sushi but its a very, very, good meal.


Hayato was definitely the best meal I had in 2018. Hit the raw bar at Rappahanock a stone’s throw away.

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The major players:
Mori Sushi (with Maru-san at the helm) (West L.A.)
Shunji (West L.A.)
Shin Sushi (Encino)
Kiriko (Sawtelle)
Sushi Tsujita (Sawtelle)
Unorthdox, but omakase (and tasty) nonetheless… Sushi | Bar (Encino)

Lesser QPR, but if you’re feeling flush anyways:
Sushi Ginza Onodera (WeHo)
Sushi Zo (DTLA)
Go’s Mart (Canoga Park)
Yamakase - Uncle Yama still be crazy in his latest location. (West L.A.)
Urasawa (it’s technically sushi kaiseki, but what the hell…) (Beverly Hills)

Still worth a detour:
Shibucho (Westlake)
Sushi Kimagure (Pasadena)


But what about…?
Hayato ain’t sushi and it ain’t omakase - It’s traditional kaiseki. And damn fine eating, at that.
n/naka ain’t omakase either (even though there are a few pieces of nigiri on the tasting menu). But again, a marvelous modernist Californian kaiseki meal awaits.


If you’re willing to make the drive sushi Tanaka has great qpr