Omakase under $100?

Hello! Does anyone have any favorite omakase recommendations under $100 (preferably under $80)? Trying to book for a group of about 7-8. There was another thread on FTC but it was from 2016.

Currently looking at:
Sushi by Bou
Sushi on Jones
Sushi Katsuei

We’ve been to Sushi by M and while it was nice and good value if there’s something better out there that would be great! Bou and Jones both seem to be similar to M though.

Thanks in advance!

Katsuei is a good bet. If you’re not averse to late night dining, Juku offers a $80 Omakase at 10PM Seating 10 Pieces + 1 Handroll

Morimoto - might be the easiest to get reservations for your large group
Chef’s Combinations
Sushi 50 | 95 | 130 | 180

A couple others on my radar recently:
Sushi Daizen (LIC): 10-piece omakase for $75
Uotora (Bklyn) - sushi omakase $70
Sushi Kaito - 12-piece omakase for $75
Sushi Nao (doesn’t look promising)

oooh thanks so much for the recommendations!! I think we might go with katsuei!

Note that Morimoto will be closing at the end of May.

I can strongly recommend Uotora. Their rice is seasoned with a blend of vinegars that includes akazu (“red” sake-lees vinegar, a staple of classic Edomae sushi) and they often have excellent hikarimono (silver skinned fish: kohada, saba, etc). Make sure to sit at the bar for the omakase and best to avoid Fridays/Saturdays as they can be really busy, which means the chefs at the counter will also be doing double duty making sushi for the tables (this also happens at Katsuei).

Thank you both! I will have to go to Uotora on my own sometime, unfortunately BK is too far for our group but it does look great!

Oh, I should have also recommended Uogashi in Midtown West. Not sure what their omakase price point is but in the past they have always had an under $100 option. Ask to sit with Taka.

Or for a little over $100 (~125) Oona Tempest at Sushi by Bae is awesome.

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ooh that looks good too. i’ll ask the group. i got a res with katsuei but they dont seat greater than 3 at the bar womp. thanks!

You should get a table, this is maybe the only place I like that doesnt require bar seat. Same for ordering a la carte, it’s a better value and you can get your favorites.

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At the bar with 7 people? Might be hard to secure. Unless it’s a gigantic sushi bar.