Online ordering treats from East Bay to Colorado

Hi! I live in Boulder, CO but once upon a time, I lived in the Bay Area. First in the East Bay for several years before moving to SF. Long story short, I met this woman (my 8 year old sons friends grandma) from the East Bay. We talked and talked about food for two hours straight. We walked down memory lane together by reminiscing about everything from Berkeley Bowl to The Cheese Board to Top Dog. She moved here to be closer to her grandkids.

I just got invited to her 70th birthday party and wanted to buy her something from the Bay Area. T-shirts are out as I don’t know her size. She’s also not a very close friend so something simple and not too pricey.

So far the best I could come up with is fudge sauce from Fentons.

Can anyone think of anything else??


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Its-Its, maybe?

Ship some live Dungeness crab if it’s in season.

Cowgirl Creamery or Marin French Cheese cheeses.

I thought about crab also but, considering OP doesn’t have a close relationship and has a budget I eliminated that. Anything that has to be temp controlled is going to cost plenty to ship. I’m trying to think of some kind of condiment that isn’t temp controlled. ???

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Chocolate? Scharffen Berger used to be manufactured in Berkeley or Albany or Emeryville. I think they moved production to another site but I think the store is still there, and despite my apprehension when they got bought up by Hershey’s, it’s still one of my favorites. Their milk chocolate bars are some of the best treats ever (since it’s about 45%, which is more than some ‘so-called dark’ chocolate. And their 62% semisweet makes fabulous chocolate chunks for cookies/brownies.

It’s been years, but there was also a place in, I think, Emeryville called ‘Charles’ Chocolates’. This is more a confectioner, rather than a chocolate maker. The truffles and so forth were quite good, but I remember being just helpless over their triple coated roasted almonds. I think it was a thin layer of really dark, almost-burnt caramel, then dark chocolate and then coco powder and coarse sea salt.


If they’re still there and they still do these, get her some. and you some. And me some.

Believe it or not in Colorado you can get all of those things. Its-Its, Cowgirl Creamery, and Marin French cheeses!

First thought is Rice a Roni. But that’s a non-starter. How about a Chez Panisse cookbook? Cafe Fanny Granola (still available, no?)

Frame her for a crime so that she gets sent to Alcatraz.

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Scharffen Berger is just a brand name owned by Hershey’s now.

Berkeley Bowl has a lot of house-brand products. That night be nostalgic fun.

Oh, wait, you need something that you can have shipped to you.

Xox truffles in North Beach will ship to CO.

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Genova Deli Ravioli and Sauce

Genova doesn’t appear to mail-order.

Reads “shipping available” on your link

Right you are. I didn’t read far enough.