Orange County Bound - Is There "Drive-Worthy" Food There?

Dropping the boy at Disneyland at 8:00 a.m. Is there anywhere I should eat before I head back to Los Angeles? I only ever go to Orange County for the beaches.

How about brunch at Taco Maria in Costa Mesa?

Brunch menu:

Great suggestion! But I ended up at Din Tai Fung. :wink:

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I would have suggested Tony’s in placenita for chicago pizza… worth a stop if you go out that way.

Eat anything good at Disneyland? Going tomorrow (land).

GI only stayed long enough to hand the kid over and get a coffee at Starbucks at Downtown Disney. But I always liked Cafe Orleans restaurant. It’s kind of cute. Or churros and Dole Whip. :slight_smile:


That plus a hot link corn dog from California Adventure is me go-to. May also head over to OC Poultry and Rotisserie Market for lunch per @Chowseeker1999’s banh mi extravaganza post.


At CA Adventure they have stands set up with food for the Festival of Holidays. The brisket/potato pancake thing (ostensibly for Chanukah) was soggy but also kind of bland…

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Another aside (but related…theme park & OC) - anything worth eating at Knott’s Berry Farm? We’re eating at the chicken restaurant for dinner, but will be in the park at lunchtime as well. TIA :smiley_cat:

Or El Gaucho Market for Argentinian goodies like spinach empanadas and skirt steak sandwiches with chimichuri sauce.

OC Rotisserie and El Gaucho are hidden gems and right down the street from each other

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I’m there once a week when in town and highly recommend the Dole whip at Trader Sam’s (Tiki bar by hotel). They make a liquor-based version😎


Playground and Taco Maria apparently. I really enjoyed Break of Dawn myself.

dole whip & corn dog inside the park

Depending on what freeway you’re taking home they are good options nearby back to LA.
5 - Thai Nakorn, Zait and Zataar and Kang Ho Dong
22 - Brodard and ton of Viet options off Brookhurst

There is a Roscoe’s near Disneyland too.


The corn dog isn’t what it used to be. I haven’t been back in sometime, but the corn dogs used to be made with great all beef dogs…they switched it to a chicken/pork dog, and it was never the same to me ever again. However, the batter is spectacular.

Yuck. It’s been about 2 years since my last corn dog. Too bad. Why would they switch? If it’s money just charge an extra $1 for the corn dog. We’re already paying up the nose to park and get into the park anyway.

We ended up stopping by OC Rotisserie on the way in and had two great banh mi sandwiches. The #1 Rotisserie Chicken (with fried egg for +$1) was great. One of the best I’ve personally had. The Lemongrass Tofu was also good, especially the sauce. Regretted not getting egg on that one too.

In the park, we had the corndog. I never had the old all-beef version of the corn dog that @attran99 mentioned, but I think the current version(s) are still pretty solid. Maybe it is that batter. We had the hot link and the original. I’d probably declare the hot link version the winner, but the dog itself seemed a tad dry compared to the original. Also had some seasonal drinks from the festival stalls that @JRSD mentioned. The egg nog cocktail is just the pre-mixed Pennsylvania Dutch with whip cream on top. It is festive, but I’d avoid, especially for $11.50/glass.

Struck out twice on the way home. After realizing we wouldn’t make it to @js76wisco’s suggestion of Brodard, we tried to order a Tony’s deep dish for takeout (per @lectroid), but forgot that deep dish takes 45min, which was a bit too long of a wait.


Quick guys, heading down to Irvine today from SFV. Anything lunchable along the 5?

Renu Nakorn is right off the Rosecrans exit in Norwalk if you want Thai food and a midway break.

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Renu did less than nothing for me. Most certainly few steps down from Thai Nakorn based on what I ordered…

Within 5 minutes off the 5 freeway
Tanakaya for udon and soba off Newport Ave
Zait and Zataar for great Lebanese off Brookhurst
Kang Ho Dong off Beach.

Depending on how deep in Irvine you’re going there is also a Noodle 101 right off Jeffrey but with a terrible parking lot and probably wait between 11:30 and 2pm.