Osaka Pressed Sushi Specialist Serving Hakozushi, Bozushi and Battera! - Sushi Ii [Thoughts + Pics]



Looks so good I want that Battera and Bozushi!

(If you guys want a spot to enjoy this go to Inspiration Point in Corona Del Mar! Also Sidecar is not too far away)


Nice write up @Chowseeker1999 ! Glad you enjoyed the food, specifically the Osaka style offerings. Hopefully we can partake in full omakase soon, the space does look awesome and Sususmu-san and his staff are such sweet people.

Did you happen to notice how busy it was?

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Thanks. :slight_smile: And thank you again for the great recommendation!

It was sadly not busy at all. We were the only customers picking up an order and we didn’t see any other To-Go orders being prepped. :frowning: I hope they make it, because they’re something special. Even from just 1 visit, we can tell.


Very interesting, Mother’s Day was super busy with large platters and many take out orders being prepped with multiple customers picking up. I hope they make it as well, and opening omakase sure would help. Perhaps some clever individual will think of something to keep safety of workers and customers high.


Ahhhh that lovely bamboo wrapped Oshizushi! Sign of a quality product :ok_hand:

No one will sell me any akagai in NYC!!! :triumph:

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Hi @Sgee,

Oh they don’t serve Akagai in NY yet? Yah it was only recently that Akagai started appearing again. I think @PorkyBelly @J_L got the earliest reappearances of it in So Cal, and @beefnoguy noted it in SF.

It was delicious. Hope you get to try some soon.

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Akagai has made rare appearances in NYC however I’ve not been fortunate timing wise. It’s one of my all time favorite netas, given current dining out conditions (or lack thereof) I’m not optimistic :sleepy:

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@Chowseeker1999 piqued my interest, so Sushi Ii was procured last month. Picking their speciality rod and box items only, I believe Chef was concerned that the order contained too much saba…but we wanted saba because it’s so good!

Sea bream was great. Mackerel rod was exceptionally good. Part of me expected the saba battera to resemble the rod, but there was a lovely sweetness to it that balanced out the savory fat of the saba. Truly exceptional. I can’t decide which one I loved the most. I need to go back and get the unagi version for my best friend.


Hi @attran99,

So glad to hear you enjoyed your takeout from Sushi Ii! :slight_smile: That Saba Bozushi is so good right? Incredible Mackerel flavor. Loved the Sea Bream as well. :blush:

And yes, the Battera! Different from the Bozushi version. It’s clear we need more “research” to see which one is better. :slight_smile:


Counting on you to give us a definitive answer - and take more of your wonderful pictures of it…

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We were there yesterday to pick up chirashi, father’s day platter, and mackerel rod sushi for Father’s day. Everyone that had the mackerel rod agreed that it was some of the best they’ve had. Even those that don’t typically like saba enjoyed it.