Osteria Mozza - Hancock Park

the mozzarella bar section of the menu thanks

Best thing here is the gelato pie. Oh hell yeah, and I don’t even like dessert.

Unfortunately duck was too salty last two times we ordered it.

Overall this is a terrific restaurant!

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One restaurant which is nearly always on our list when visiting LA is Osteria Mozza. Great Italian food, nice ambience, good service - what’s not to like (and it is always good to see restaurants having sweetbreads on their menu)

Mozzarella di Bufala Condimenti - basil pesto, salsa romesco, black olive tapenade, caperberry relish

Baby chicory, fuyu persimmon, candied pecans, toast

24 Months Prosciutto di Parma, Comice pear, cracked black pepper

Gnocchi with duck ragu

Orecchiette with sausage and swiss chard

Veal sweetbreads picatta, cavolo nero, artichokes

Broccoli di cicco with red wine vinegar and garlic

Bomboloni, huckleberry compote, lemon mascarpone

Gelato & Sorbetti


Another plus for Osteria Mozza is that it’s relatively easy to get a reservation.

did they not seed that pear?

No - that was a bit unusual (but not difficult to resolve at the table)

In Italy they might give you a whole pear and a knife.

Really enjoyed the bar at Osteria yesterday. Been ages (because chi Spacca duh).

Mozzarella tasting was interesting and I was shocked at how salty they make it (Armenian me loves salt).

This braised leak though is so pretty. Got me motivated to raid the leak farm on our street


Leeks are so underrated! You don’t often see as the star of a plate like you would elsewhere

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Poireaux vinaigrette is a common first course in France.

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Looks great. Are you telling us you’d take a leak?


id take mad leaks


always a solid meal at mozza with some new spring dishes. nancy’s caesar is one of the best salads in the city.

speck & cipolline onions, aceto balsamico & maldon sea salt

burrata & peas, speck, parmigiano reggiano & mint

so hard not to order the anchovies and mozzarella but went with the seasonal dish instead.

nancy’s caesar egg, leek & anchovy crostini

tagliolini “da francescana” beurre de baratte & 36 mo. white cow parmigiano

ramp & ricotta cappellacci morels & english peas

banana gelato pie, hot fudge, candied hazelnuts



I think the burrata and peas is a better dish than anchovies. I love that dish.