P&R Taste (Rowland Heights)

We’re all pretty familiar with the popular Shanghai (er, ahem, Taiwanese) style XLB made ubiquitously famous by Din Tai Fung.

Like DTF or not, if you enjoy XLB as a genus of Chinese comestibles, then consider Hangzhou style XLB.

What exactly is Hangzhou style XLB, you ask? In perhaps very basic and simple terms the wrapping is risen, as opposed Shanghai style XLB that come with wrappers made without yeast. What you get, then, is essentially a steamed bun that we are all familiar with but with a filing filled with “soup” (or juice or liquid or whatever you want to call the stuff that squirts out of a hot XLB).

Where to get these puffed up XLB? Well, P&R Taste in Rowland Heights has them, and maybe they might be the only place in SoCal with Hangzhou style XLB. The XLB here is quite good, and in many respects is just like your traditional pork bun but, y’know, with a bit more “soup”. The other variation here is pan-fried Hangzhou style XLB, which comes on a bed of scrambled eggs (don’t ask me why), and is very much like guo tie (or potstickers or 锅贴) but, y’know, with that aforementioned “soup” in the middle.

If you’re here, don’t overlook some of the noodle dishes. All handmade. Recommend the pork rib and shredded pork with mustard green options.

P&R Taste
18347 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights
(626) 986-4003


Thanks for the education and the tip, @ipsedixit! I guess I know where I’m going this week…maybe tomorrow if this alleged rain doesn’t last too long.

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There are times I feel like Rodney Dangerfield (or for an even more dated reference, I’m the Tompall Glaser of the Outlaws). This is one of them :slightly_frowning_face:


This is very relevant to my interests. They are closed today but I will try and make it out here this week or the next

I’m also reminded of one of TonyC’s (many) great quotes: “Tree falling in a forest.”


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I was just in Taiwan at the eponymous hangzhou xlb restaurant sad they didn’t have this risen style of xlb on offer. I guess I’ll have to try it out at this place. Thanks for the tip.

Triple sigh

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I just got back from this place, and I dunno @ipsedixit, this might be one of your rare misses for me! First off, the place was empty when we got there. We ordered the steamed and fried bao, as well as the mince pork noodle. Minced pork noodle came with a side soup, which was good. The noodles didn’t look like much, but wow were they toothsome! Minced pork topping was flavorful, with a good amount of spice.

The steamed bao, however, were not what I could call “juicy.” The filling was perfectly fine, but the bao was so doughy that it made each one feel so heavy. The fried version did come on top of some greasy scrambled eggs, but they really didn’t add anything to the dish. Filling was just as fine as the steamed version, but these were still pretty doughy…and greasy.

For those who love shengjian bao, this might be appealing; for me, like with shengjian bao, these were too doughy–an interesting curiosity I’m glad I tried, but I can’t imagine ever driving out to Rowland Heights to order these again. And to repeat: contrary to the initial post, I wouldn’t characterize these as particularly juicy or containing a noteworthy amount of soup/juice/broth (certainly not Dean Sin World heydey juiciness).


Complimentary appetizer trio

Steamed bao

Fried bao

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Didn’t that Tim Sherman guy eat here a few years back? :wink:


:rofl: I think that was his name. I think he had red hair too…