Palmetto - old Flora space in Oakland

First dinner out at one of our regular spots (sort of). There’s definitely a lot of continuity with Flora’s style. Layout is fundamentally unchanged, except for the temporarily reduced capacity. Space is brighter. Service was solid and very friendly.

Floral Depot Punch ($13), Bone-Jolly rosé ($16)

Shrimp cocktail with tomatillo sauce ($16): very nice, though if you’re craving a traditional shrimp cocktail like Flora used to make, this isn’t it.

Buggy new phone somehow lost the photo of the mussels with chorizo and cream sauce ($19 (online menu has a typo)), surprisingly spicy. Mexican twist on the French classic Moules Poulette.

12-oz. ribeye with ancho chile sauce, fried shallots, grilled new onions, beef fat fries, and aioli ($42). Best fries I’ve had in years. Damn. Steak was really good, medium-rare as ordered, again a Mexican twist on a French classic, steak-frites. The sauce was subtle.

Beaujolais ($67) and Cotes de Bourg ($58) were both good and in the classic style of their appellations, which is rare these days.

Burnt vanilla ice cream ($6) was good, though I never did find out which element of it was burnt.

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