Pann's No Longer Open For Dinner

Sad news about the beloved Pann’s: they will no longer be open for dinner.

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thanks for the link. definitely a bummer to hear this. I hope they come back for limited dinner hours, maybe weekends

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This doesn’t sound good. They’ve managed to survive for a long time. Hopefully this is just a ripple.

…for the past year they have already been closed Monday and Tuesday nights. Hope this new change doesn’t last long.

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That’s funny. I was just showing the husband your patty melt picture.

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I fear that more and more lower price point dining options will eventually experience the same pain. i assure you this is a sign of things to come.

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Is Pann’s ever crowded? As in 75% of the room being occupied?

The one time I was there after dark (around 8 pm ish), the room was nearly empty.

I’ve been there twice for breakfast/brunch and both times I had to wait. I feel like most diners don’t do a lot of business at dinner time anymore since theres so many dinner options now.

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Yah every time I’ve been to Pann’s has always been breakfast or lunch, and it’s packed. But I’ve never been for dinner.

Really? Norm’s and Denny’s always seem to have people at dinner time.

Norms, at least the locations I pass, are busy at night.

Maybe you need to be a chain to survive and mom and pops are biding time.

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I think it might be you have to open 24 hours, or cut-off at around 3 p.m.

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Yes, Sunday’s after church is packed. They even used the patio room. Friday & Saturday nights used to be pretty full too.

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Pann’s was one of my bucket list restaurants when I moved to the area from the food wastelands of Central Florida, back in the early '00s. Not sure where I read about it, but for some reason I’m thinking J. Gold? I wasn’t really checking the L.A. Chowhound board at the time.

Anyway, fairly certain it was the first “we’re going there, now!” restaurants when we arrived. Had the CFS and was thrilled. But the veggies are what made me very happy.

Hope they manage to survive; they’re definitely one of the places that should be around.


Sunday morning is a great time to go. The after-church crowd is beautifully dressed and there is quite a festive feel. Agree it is packed but we haven’t had to wait long the couple of times we went on Sunday. Have never been there for dinner.


I need that Patty Melt!

And for dessert Apple Pie with Melted Cheddar Cheese!!

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Very disappointing news–it has been an occasional Thursday or Friday night stop for me on my way home from work for years–typically for either the patty melt or the fried chicken (usually with either the split pea or clam chowder to start, depending on which night I stopped). Some evenings, there has been a decent crowd, others more sparse, though never empty.

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Very bummed. They were one of our default choices for dinner when we want some comfort food.

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I’ve been it pretty crowded before, around 5pm.

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Saddens but does not surprise me. When they opened in 1958 it was a 24-hour restaurant, one of many in this area. How many are still doing that? I think it’s mostly the few that combine a reliably steady around-the-clock clientele and relatively low overhead, neither of which Pann’s has. If I go there for lunch, which is almost every visit, if I’m by myself I’ll either sit at the counter or have to wait for a booth, because it’s usually pretty busy … but when I called about dinner for four of us at 8:00 on a Wednesday, the man on the phone said, “We don’t take reservations, but you shouldn’t have any trouble getting seated.” And we didn’t – we could have sat just about anywhere. I’m not sure there were sufficient bodies in there to cover the costs at all. What makes the place so special, the quality of the foods they buy and the care they take in its preparation, needs a clientele large enough to sustain it. They sure weren’t there that night.

This weekend was my first time at Pann’s, but it felt like a place I’ve been going to my whole life. Pann’s is the place I’d go with my dad and brother on a weekend morning after scouring neighborhood garage sales for treasures we didn’t need. We went to Pann’s on the way home from a soccer game. You used to be able smoke at Pann’s. There was always one thing at Pann’s that you would order, so you didn’t even need the menu, but when you would pick up the laminated menu and take a chance on another item, you’d always be glad you had. But the next time you went to Pann’s, you’d still return to that one thing you always got anyway, because that’s what you always got.

When you walk in mid-day on a Saturday, a lady towering over the merchandise stand will be ecstatic that you’d like to sit at the counter. Every other table is full and no one leaves. And you realize why when you end up staying for an extra cup of coffee or two as well.

After @wienermobile posted his Patty Melt picture, there was no chance I’d get anything else. Pictures are one thing, but in reality, the Patty Melt is… holy shit so good. I’m a believer. Very simple, very good.

I’m sad that I won’t get to see what it’s like for dinner because if it was any similar to how it is during the day, the city is worse for it being closed at night.

Thanks to all for the recommendations.