Paradita Eatery - Emeryville

Amongst the public market’s newer offerings is a place with food from Peru. I don’t remember in what year my previous public market meal was.

We each started with a respectable Pisco Sour, shared the pork belly skewer and the yucca fries, and each had our own sandwich.
(1) The pork belly skewers were great. This was more than enough meat for a full meal for 1.
(2) The yucca fries were … well they were tasty, but we did laugh at the portion size, insultingly so.
(3) Pork Adobo sandwich was delicious, and substantial.

Given how much food we had, and how full we got, the yucca fries portion size didn’t detract from the overall meal, nor from a return visit, which I’ll likely make.

Cocktails in the food court? Or is that a separate restaurant, like Hot Italian?

Completely open to the mall, but with an outside entrance, and can be gated off from the rest of the mall (as it was at their closing time of 9pm). We’d have stayed for another drink but for the early close time. A bar of some sorts had a coming soon sign up right across from there - Blush, so maybe later hours will be in the offerings soon.