Pasadena Updates

i know of rosewood court, and hudson. rosewood is the closest to SK.

ok. they wouldn’t care about the school system, but i still find it surprising that they’d select that location because of the lack of markets accommodating their palates. there was a time, oh about 20 years ago when i thought about bringing my parents out to LA from the midwest and i automatically assumed i’d need to buy a place with an in-law suite somewhere in alhambra or monterey park to allow them to go shopping without having to get on the freeway.

as for super king, a manager at von’s once told me that SK’s prices were often below what von’s paid wholesale. i’ve often speculated that it’s a money laundering vehicle for the armenian mob. i paid $.69/lb for about 3 lbs of asparagus last week. kale invariably runs 2 bunches for a dollar. and while the quality isn’t great, they now routinely stock bok choy and napa. at least they seem to at the altadena location.

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Pilgrim Towers. They are subsidized by HUD for low to lower income seniors.

last night i saw some of food truck on colorado between altadena & san gabriel. didn’t have time to stop and investigate.

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technically altadena, but ditto for a new truck parked on ventura south of the baja ranch supermarket parking lot at the corner with fair oaks.

Guisados is in its first week of business. Our sampler platters and quesadillas our favorite) were terrific. We took home and throw the tacos in a hot cast iron pan and they warmed beautifully.

Love that we have a taco option with hand made tortillas in Pasadena.


on arroyo parkway for those who were wondering

Sampler and a horchata for me!

Thx, secretasianman. Corner of California (corrected) & Arroyo Parkway where the old Dona Rosa was.

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That horchata is top tier

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I think that’s California and Arroyo Parkway?

That is correct. Corner of California & AP. Sorry! Editing above.

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another food truck of some sort was stopped on lake north of washington on west side. couldn’t see what it was offering though.

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and a truck hawking tutu’s tacos now parks on lake just south of washington in front of the smart & final.