Penicillin Cocktail?

Who makes a good Penicillin in LA?

Or for that matter, who has a nice menu of winter cocktails suitable for these chilly nights (and days)?

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Have gotten respectable versions at Republique and Idle Hour. Have also see Hot toddies on the cocktail menu at Republique around this time of year.

I know I’ve got the wrong geographical area, but if you find yourself in the OC in Anaheim, The Blind Rabbit and the bar inside the Anaheim Packing House makes some fine winter cocktails. Reservations for The Blind Rabbit highly recommended in the hours between 5PM-9:30PM.

Love and Salt

I googled Penicillin cocktail out of curiosity, then laughed. My dad would feed us kids little spoonfuls of that concoction when we were sick. In between feeding us spoonfuls of raw egg yolk mixed with sugar.

I’ve never seen hot buttered rum in L.A., that was an East Coast winter favorite of mine. Any leads on that?

Can I get my Penicillin with their housemade duck fat crackers?

Your leads.

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Absolutely :slight_smile:

Have you tried The Varnish (back of Cole’s french dip downtown) or The Walker Inn (Normandie Hotel)? Have them make you a penicillin or whatever else strikes your fancy.

My favorite two places to eat and drink are Everson Royce Bar and Shibumi.

Honorable mention for Cana Rum Bar if you just want really good drinks.

I wonder if we’ve met before… we have the same two favorite drinking spots.

Although I am not sure I would order a penicillin at ERB I bet they do a very good one.

Perhaps, especially if you live DT!

At ERB, I usually get something citrusy with Mezcal, their burger, and the chicken thigh. Keeps me pretty happy.

We have almost identical orders at ERB too… spooky… haha

I had them make me a mezcal fizz to cap off a day of burgerlords, Howlin Rays, and boahaus the other day that was rather wonderful.

The Oaxacan Express thy are workshopping is one of my favorite cocktails I’ve had anywhere. Try ordering it next time you’re there!

I spend a lot of time at Bestia, too though.

Are there any other DTLA spots you particularly love? Wonder if I am missing some gems since we must have similar palates.

@Aesthete: No “must” tries immediately come to mind. I do really like Baldoria in Little Tokyo as a neighborhood type spot to grab brunch or a quick snack. It is in the space previously occupied by Laxy Ox and a few others. Some nice pizzas (funghi pizza, especially if you like the same at Pizzeria Mozza) and usually a fried chicken / waffle type dish. I don’t recall drinking much here so I can’t give you a full eval on the cocktail situation. The cocktails may have been on tap / bottled (though a recent article suggests they have an awesome old fashioned), so maybe that’s why I never tried them.

PS: Yes, Oaxacan Express is def a great drink!

hey kids, whats in the oaxacan express, please?

many thanks.

I have no idea, it’s a proprietary cocktail of some sort, and not on the official menu. I think egg white, mezcal, pineapple juice, something spicy that goes in it I think…rimmed with spicy salt…I am not sure what else exactly.

Here is Hatchet Hall’s Penicillin.

It tasted like honey and lemon whiskey. The bartender didn’t know what it was, so he called over someone else, a very nice guy. Head mixologist? Bar manager? Googler extraordinaire? I dunno.

But after I received the drink, and after I took a sip, the guy came zooming back, wielding an aerosol gadget to spray some Laphroaig over my glass.

I think I may have to try this somewhere else. For science.

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That is a drink you should order in the Old Man Bar as opposed to the main bar I think.

What did the bartender that didn’t know what a Penicillin was look like?

Yeh, I thought of that, but I was hungry.

Bartender seemed new. Tall, burly Latino guy.

Oh damn, where is the post on the food??

Very unfortunate, it always seemed like they hired pretty good bartenders, but the better ones seem to have been transferred into the Old Man Bar of late.

Bar Clacson makes a pretty good Penicillin. As well as a an espresso with brandy.

Note to self. Don’t try playing pétanque after more than 3 cocktails.