Perfect Pasta: five ways to cook it right by Luciano Monosilio

Since I’ve been cooking pasta for over 40 years, I was surprised how much I had to learn about it. After watching this and a few other Italia Squisita videos, I’m never cooking it the same way again.

Gabriele Perilli clearly shows the “thickening” (mantecando) step…


I’ve only watched the first two (so far) and wow! Thank you SO much for sharing this, robert.

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The lack of response to this tells me a lot about the focus of this board. Sad.

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It is very nice! It’s just hard to say it better than it was said in the video

Sheesh. I saved the link to the notes folder on my phone so I can look at the videos when I have enough time to watch 5 videos as the first one I opened was 22 minutes long. Within the last 24 hours I’d just viewed a long article about how to get sauce to adhere to pasta. Tomorrow’s another day.

Okay, you get complete absolution :slight_smile: Care to share the article about sauce sticking?!?

I am not sure what you expect anybody to comment on techniques already well known - there wasn’t anything new in the videos

Well, color me uneducated :slight_smile: I learned a lot.

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Which technique was new to you in any of the videos ?

Can’t find it but the gist was to add butter to the sauce creating an emulsion that aids in the ‘sticking’. The starch in reserved pasta cooking water can help too.

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As we say in the South, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.”

Who knows how many recipes I read that talked about “saltare in padella” and using pasta water, but I didn’t have a clue that you could thicken a sauce like that.