Persian Cuisine

On the Sawtelle 2018 thread ‘CleoBob’ stated that “Darya is the best” and ‘frommtron’ agreed adding ‘Personal favorite for khoresh’. Please relate your experiences of LA’s Persian food in this new thread. My last Persian meal was at the since closed Javan which is now Safir.


i like shamshiri at roscoe & tampa. service can be uneven.

my last visit was about 15 months ago. i believe this is the koobideh.0110181223

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On the west side I really enjoy taste of tehran and attari the tongue sandwich is good.

If you’re in the valley raffis is always classic.


I live near Westwood (Tehrangeles) and can second that view on Attari. It seems to be where all the old timers go.

Tongue sandwich is great. Chicken sandwich if you’re not as adventurous. Brain sandwich is actually my favorite.

Plus they have, on Fridays only, a lamb stew special that cooks for multiple days beforehand.


I’ve only been to Shamshiri, Darya and Sangak on pico so i dont know enough to say what’s the best but i loved them all. Darya was favorite.

Have had mixed experiences at Shamshiri (Westwood location only). The lunch was once so sloppily assembled as a wrap that it was very off putting (and the test was meh). I’ve had dinner 1-2x there and thought they quite tasty. Since lunch was my last meal therre and since there’s plenty of Persian in the area, I’ve not been included to go back.

Tried Sherazad once many yrs ago (10+) and enjoyed it.

I think I’m the one person on FTC who finds the Attari sandwiches kind of boring (admittedly, my own experience w/ the sandwiches was a single meal many yrs ago). The lamb stew, though, is f*cking awesome.

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Lamb stew I’m have to check that out

My understanding is that it can and does sell out, so prob a good idea to go relatively early.

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Another vote for Attari. Try the osh. It’s an excellent, hearty soup.
All their kebabs and stews are great too - my personal fav being the gheymeh.
Sandwiches are fantastic.

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Does Darya have more than one location?

South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa) has a location also.

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My Persian faves (by restaurant/market):

Attari: Get the ash (soup), the beef kotelet sando and/or the chicken olivieh sando.

Tochal Market: Get yourself some intensely honey-esque bamieh, and sadaf special earl grey tea to go with those sweets.

Shaherzad: Best Persian naan (bread), fresh from the clay oven, continuously baked throughout the day. Really good stews (served with tahdig) here, including ghormeh sabzi, ghaimeh/bademjan. Lubia polo is super as well.

Saffron Rose Ice Cream: Golab (rosewater) bastani, faloodeh, and I often have a jonesin’ for their cucumber ice cream.

Flame: Get the soltani.

Cafe Glace: Persian pizza! And a daaaamn good glass of freshly-squeezed cantaloupe juice!

Javan (RIP): I used to like their fish. Safir (current occupants in the space) is just not the same.

Shekarchi Kabob: Koobideh is flavorful here.

Flame International (next to Nanbankan): Chenjeh soltani is the best here, and good tahdig. Kashk bademjan is nice too.

Sadaf (Encino): Baghali polo with lamb shank. Really great rice and chelo kabob, too.


Interestingly enough, I went to a location in Orange from recommendation of a friend. Can bang bang after at Oshima next door.

Thanks for the tip, gonna have to try that South Coast Plaza location.

Stupid question? Is Persian food the same as Iranian food?

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Not a stupid question at all. And yes, it is.

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Over the years I’ve known people from Iran who referred to themselves as “Persian.” I always assumed a social/political stigma. And restaurants also?

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The people are Persians. It used to be called Persia. Modern name is Iran but they’re still Persians.

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Just read this. I guess part of it is that millions of people living in Iran are, in fact, not Persian. Probably the food also. Makes sense.

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Yes. Persian is an ethnicity. Iranian is a nationality.

Like I’m Armenian American. There are Armenian (not Persian) Iranians

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From Sadaf’s web site:

What does Sadaf mean?

In the Persian language Sadaf means Sea Shell. In the early 80’s one of the proprietors was gifted by having twins, one was named Darya (Sea) and the other was named Sadaf (Sea Shell).

Both of the restaurants first opened were named Darya. One was Darya “in the City of Orange” and the other Darya “Santa Monica”.

“You are probably saying what about the other twin. “This is not fair to Sadaf!” Well…….After years of schooling, receiving her MBA, and mastering the kitchen, Sadaf decided that it is now her turn. Sadaf Restaurant is the “twin sister” of the famous Darya Restaurants. However, this twin has a slight modern twist.

Our Food

We invite you to experience modern Persian cuisine at its finest here at Sadaf Restaurant where you will be served healthy, yet tasty, wholesome fresh food. All of our food is made with 100% olive and vegetable oils. No preservatives or additives are ever used. We use the leanest cuts of meats and the freshest vegetables.

Here at Sadaf Restaurant, we not only offer the traditional Persian cuisine but have also added a few items of our own.