Petit Trois le Valley vs Bicyclette?

I’ve been to both but not for a while. Any thoughts? I find both do a very good job. Bicyclette is a bit sexier, a bit more expensive and a bit louder, but I’m not sure the kitchen is any better, and ultimately these aging ears enjoy the food a bit more in the slightly staid space of le valley. Willing to be persuaded.


I think your analysis is correct about the vibe and prices, but I think the food at Bicyclette is better executed.


petit trois for sure

Bicyclette definitely cooler vibe but I did not love my meal there. Always had very enjoyable food at petit trois.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Petit Trois le Valley, but I think Bicyclette >> Petit Trois. Petit Trois is on par with home amateur cooking in my view, and I’ve been frustrated with things like mushy spaghetti. I view Bicyclette as more on par with Republique. (Peony thinks even less of Petit Trois than I do.)

Agree 100%. Never been impressed with PT Hollywood.

And because of that I have NOT tried PT Le Valley. Love the name though.

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You mean Hancock Park? I’ve found it reliably great for Parisian bistrot classics like the baguette, pâté, omelette, frisée aux lardons. If you don’t want that kind of thing, don’t go there.

Spaghetti? Yikes.

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Did you like PT Le Valley?

Sorry - bad typing, it was supposed to say have NOT tried PT LeV.
Now fixed it

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Ended up going to Bicyclette. A bit of a disappointment, I have to say, confirming previous impression. Yes, the room is great - dark, clubby, cool, relatively small - and the menu is inviting. And although all the elements seem to be in place with ingredients and presentation, somehow things just don’t gel. I’ve never been a big believer in the idea that food has to be cooked with love (however the hell that is quantified) but… there is some soulfulness or zing that is missing from nearly every dish here. The duck liver mousse was served ice cold and was the worse for it; the salad is pretty fresh and delicious but at $24 it damn well better be, it’s a green salad after all. The escargot are ensconced in a pastry shell and the meat is so small as to get totally lost in the process. There is none of the toothsomeness which makes escargot so good and unique. I can’t even recall our mains, tellingly. Wines by the glass - Chablis, Sancerre and a Vouvrey - were serviceable at best, and served way too cold. Saving grace was that they were delivered quickly when ordered. Waiter didn’t seem very knowledgable about the food and tried to skate by on general enthusiasm. About $250 for two people. We felt slightly robbed as we walked back to our car.