Phở Saigon Pasteur (Alhambra)

After at least a year with signage up, Phở Saigon Pasteur on Main St has finally (soft) opened. I was originally sad to see the excellent Beijing Pie House leave this location, but thrilled to have excellent Vietnamese within walking distance now

They have only been open for a week or so and did not have their full menu available, which sounds amazing, especially their caramelized pork spare ribs and jasmine rice which I’m definitely coming back for

We decided on bún thịt nướng chả giò and phở dặc biệt (noodle salad with grilled pork and egg roll, combination noodle soup). Both versions were outstanding! Their phở broth has a rich beefy flavor and meat quality good and generous. Even the noodles were better than your standard VN places, slightly thicker with a good bite. A truly outstanding bowl of phở that I will be craving again soon

The bún thịt nướng chả giò was also exceptional; deliciously seasoned and partially caramelized pork was so good with the fresh greens and crispy piece of egg roll. Definitely the best version of this dish I’ve ever had

We also split an order of their nem nướng spring rolls. These were great too and fresh tasting. Five stars on these as well!

It’s a little pricier than the venerable Golden Deli but totally worth it. Can’t wait until the full menu is available and until then, this is my new favorite VN in the area (sorry GD!)


Nice report! The owners also own pho republic in Chinatown. We just tried it too and it has potential.

The nem nuong we got had a few small holes in the rice paper. Also, the fried egg roll inside is rolled too tightly and was dense and some parts chewy instead of crunchy. The sauce was no brodard good (not many places are) but serviceable but the biggiest knock was that it was served cold :frowning:. The nem nuong itself was good and flavorful. We told them about it so we’ll see.

We do like they offer phở béo-fatty broth as a side and one IGer said you can get an egg to crack into it.

Wish they had the bò né ready. It’s a popular breakfast platter —viet version of steak and eggs with side of pate and baguette on sizzling hot cast iron plate. The name né means to duck since it comes to u sizzling and oil splattering . Will be back to try that when ready.

Have you tried the Other restaurant with the Same initial?


No I haven’t, but your report and photos look amazing! I will have to try out Golden Delight now!

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