Picasso - Bellagio

Picasso, known for their French cuisine with a Spanish influence, is located right by the Bellagio fountain. Naturally, guests will opt to sit in their outdoor patio which allows them to soak in an unparalleled view of the gorgeous fountain show once every 15 minutes! What if a guest prefer something artsy? Well, they can sit in the dining room instead and enjoy 30+ million dollars worth of authentic Pablo Picasso paintings throughout the restaurant. Or perhaps you’re a movie buff? Request to sit at the “Ocean’s Eleven Table” where Julia Roberts and George Clooney sat in the movie Ocean’s Eleven.

The food here is very good and the restaurant consistently executes at a high level but don’t expect anything to be inventive. In general, Picasso never changes their menu except for the seasonal produce on a dish.

What I really came for :heart_eyes:

cold vichyssoise, pheasant croquette
The light bodied chilled leek and potato soup is textbook but that pheasant croquette is expertly fried with a very light but crunchy exterior and an extra creamy center. Great start.

bread & butter | baugette & olive bread
Picasso’s bread game is very average. The baugette, though served warm, isn’t crusty at all. Both pieces of bread are quite doughy in texture too. Butter, on the other hand, is served cold so it’s difficult to spread em on my bread.

poached oysters | osetra caviar, sauce vermouth
These gorgeous bivalves are barely cooked so that they have this mix of creamy and meaty texture that I love. The only flavorings are the buttery and aromatic vermouth sauce that adds a touch of richness and the briny caviar…so simple…but works so well!

maine lobster salad | citrus dijon vinaigrette, grapefruit, tomato
A very simple salad but the lobster is perfectly snappy.

warm quail salad | artichokes, pine nuts, frisee
Had me at quail! I ate these simply seared quail pieces like lollipops. Thighs are so darn juicy and breast pieces aren’t as juicy but still moist and tender.

pan seared u-10 day boat scallop | potato mousseline, jus de veau
Nice char on the scallop and they come medium rare. Surprisingly, the veal jus is mild enough that it complemented, rather than overwhelming, the sweetness of the scallops quite wel!

terrine foie gras | citrus marmalade, arugula, brioche
Open-face THICC foie sandwich with a classic sweet sauce in the form of a citrius-y marmalade, brightness from the balsamic vinegar, and crunch from the toasted brioche. Beautiful and tasty!

sauteed steak of “A” foie gras | roasted fig, blood orange, savory streusel
As expected, seared foie is rich and creamy. Now, throw in some sweet and sour flavors with crumbles for texture and we have yet another unimaginative but expertly executed course that’s delicious.

butter poached maine lobster | carrot puree, bearnaise, prawn chip, fig, chanterelle, carrot, turnip
Another perfectly cooked sweet lobster with quite a substantial side.

roasted tournedos loin of colorado lamb | couscous, tomatoes, choron sauce, stuffed squash, sauce navarine
Perfect medium-rare roasted lamb loin.

pistachio souffle | pistachio creme anglaise, dark chocolate gelato, chocolate curls
Don’t be fooled by that deflated souffle. It was perfect when it reached our table but I took too long in taking pictures…But no matter. It was like eating a cloud that’s gently dissolves in my mouth.

chocolate molten cake | vanilla gelato, salted caramel anglaise, butter cookie
This dessert is as old school as it can get but still satisfying

mignardise | hazelnut choux au craquelin, almond cake, candied orange, chocolate truffle
Everything is good but the craquelin isn’t crunchy as it should be.

parting gift | dark chocolate based on a picasso painting


Located in Bellagio Hotel
3600 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109


It’s mechanically consistent.


I wouldn’t be surprised with the amount of covers they do a night and 2 decades of doing pretty much the same thing. :joy:

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:drooling_face:… and I love the plating.

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They have changed one thing, the dinnerware is different. Lol

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Lol. You have good eyes! Some of the plates are different compared to the ones from 7 years ago when I last went.

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