Pie Life Pizza: A Pictorial Essay

Along a rather industrial stretch of Raymond Avenue, there is a rather unassuming mixed use complex. It is home to Pie Life Pizza. Here, from a (literal) hole in the wall, glorious New York slices are served, piping hot and delicious.

Yeah, this pizza joint offers the cruelest of temptations to members of the crossfit place next door…

The “Daily Special” basically makes it pretty much impossible to order just one slice of the offerings here…

Mushroom slice, pepperoni slice, cheese slice… All simply delicious. The crust is not too hard, not too limp, with just the right amount of sauce-to-cheese ratio.

Pepperoni curls into gorgeous cups. I’m surprised this place isn’t more mobbed. Pie Life Pizza is easily amongst the best by-the-slice New York-style pizzerias in Southern California in my book.

Yes, they offer whole pies as well. The selections can change daily, depending on what’s fresh and good. Parking is pretty easy, along Raymond Avenue (and of course also in the small business complex lot).


Pie Life Pizza
691 S. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105


I really enjoyed Pie Life. And the coffee spot on the end is good as well. I like the white pizza and of course the pepperoni.

Where’s @Ns1? Pepperoni cups!


Great pictures. I agree - Pie Life Pizza is definitely one of the best NY style pizza in all of SoCal. Whenever I’m in the area for lunch I stop by for a few slices.

Very nice couple who run the place as well. I hope they are able to open up a bigger place with some more seating and add to their arsenal. They mentioned they have other types of pizza they want to add to the menu like a salad slice.

Those grease chalices!!! Any char? You’re missing the undercarriage shot!


And a wood-fired oven. Have to say, this place looks legit!

I like your reports. They are amusing, informative and tasty.


I miss Brownstone Pizza in eagle rock. RIP

I still think Vito’s is the best pizza by the slice joint in LA.


My, my… aren’t we being prim.


salad slice will be their RUIN! vote no on salad slices!!!


If that salad slice is at least as good as Abbot’s/Grey Block’s, I vote yes.


I grew up on salad slices in Queens. It was one of those slices we’d get every so often since we were literally eating pizza daily. The guy who makes the slices said he was thinking of adding one that sounded similar to the ones back east.

I haven’t seen many salad slices out here but I think if done correctly is a lovely thing.

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we all are entitled to our opinions…personally, i dont need salad on pizza…i just order salad

The grease from these slices killed me for the rest of the day. I’m sad to say the slices here were terrible.

not good, unless there was some consistency issu.

But I’m not up to the challenge to try it again.

Thats too bad. I haven’t had that issue before. Was it a pepperoni slice or plain slice?

Two cheese slices plus mushroom slice.

and the crust was very thick, cardboard like.

reminded me of poor LaMonica’s in Westwood, though i think their slices are less than passable.

yeah Ns1, the crust looks a bit pale and suspect to me…I was asked for a pizza recco in Pasadena and/or SGV…not sure if I can endorse Pie Life w/o more evidence!

Someone told me about The Luggage Room in Pasadena. Ever had it?

For pizza in Pasadena, my choice is Settebello

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