Pie party pies and more pies

Going to a pie party, there will be a bazillion pies there. What kind of pie should I make? Different but delicious?

Came across this one recently. Haven’t tried it but looks good to me!



I was going to make that but the rum. A bunch of ex drinkers in attendance and will freak out.

That mincemeat one looks easy!

Use orange water, or make a quick orange syrup in the microwave: 1:1 sugar/water, then steep with orange peel.

Ex-drinkers are almost as annoying as vegan/gluten-frees.

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It is persimmon season, and chiffon pies are the best pies.

Just leave out the rum maybe add a little bit extra vanilla

The mincemeat-frangipane combination is great and few Americans have ever had it.

I think rum is an essential element of Nesselrode pie. Make it some other time.


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I’m guessing most people will opt for a dessert-like pie; you could do something savory.