Piping Hot Sambusa at Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

Really does sound delicious. I will try it.


Wait a min. :thinking:


I’m speech less (^_^)


Have you not been? It’s been awhile, but, on Fairfax itself, I liked Rahel’s and Rosalind’s the most.

Although the one time I went to Awash on Pico, I think I liked that better than any of the places on Fairfax…

I have not been.
Genet, Rosalind and Awash but never this one.

I’ve been in Rahel and Messob, had takeout from Genet and Buna. All good.

Would have tried the other places if I lived nearer.

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Did go there once (maybe 10 yrs ago). Recall the food being quite refined. Maybe I should try for takeout to refresh my memory… :slight_smile:

nice follow-up to his review from 11 years ago


And that is exactly the thing (for me) about Ethiopian food.

I eat it, I love it! I say to myself, and anyone within earshot, “This food is so damn good, why don’t I come more often?” I feel good about myself for eating pretty healthy food and for supporting the hardworking owners.
I resolve to come more often.

And then I don’t do again for about 10 years.

And the cycle repeats itself.


I had a good-sized plate Genet served up at one of The Gold Standard events, but didn’t get around to getting back until last month for takeout. I would say it is a notch more refined than the others I’ve visited, but the others were still outstanding. For QPR, Buna is great.

If I lived closer, I’d be making a Little Ethiopia run at least once a week, if not twice.


I live in the same zip code and have eaten at more than a few spots, but the reason for my once in a blue moon status is I get a less than enthused response to the suggestion from my SO & friends who live in the area.:smirk: