Pizza Heaven

Ok, admittedly, I sometimes get over excited and enthusiastic about a new pizzeria…but seriously, what Steve Samson is doing on San Julian at Super Fine Pizza is sumthin’ else…my first time today and I was overwhelmed…it was a bit windy and cool outside, so having to eat outdoors was a bit of a drag but after my first bite into a reheated cheese slice with sausage topping and I was overwhelmed…2 more such slices and Im calling this joint the best slice pizza in LA! I’ll have to post photos later but besides a great thin, slightly crunchy crust baked at 650 degrees in a pizza master oven, the slices had the most generous amount of sparkling Bianco DiNapoli sauce and more sausage than I’ve had on an entire pie at most places…dont remember who complained about the relative scarcity of sausage on Prime Pizzas slices, but this is the place for sausage topping!
I was actually bummed because I wanted to try other pizzas but I couldn’t resist the siren song of those juicy pork chunks…I can barely imagine what a fresh pie tastes like…Pizza lovers, get thee to Super Fine Pizza, down the alley on San Julian from Samson’s Rossoblu!


Get the Spicy Honey, with an extra topping of sausages. Heaven.


ipsedixit, I dont do honey

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You should do honey.

Hmm, your loss I suppose.

Maybe consider it a New Years resolution. “Never honey, except on pizza”?


The honey pairs well with the spicy salami but it does leave my fingers sticky as a toddler’s. No real place to wash up there yet.

never consider it…I enjoy the pizzas I eat…no real need to discover “honey” hot or not, on my pies!
its as ridiculous as cauliflower dough!

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ha, thanks but no thanks!

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That would be me, speaking of the pepperoni coverage at Prime, LOL! Glad I made an impression… I think.

I’m with you on the bee vomit.

Thanks for the review. Looking forward to downing an entire pie soon!

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Gr8pimpin, add sausage topping but be seated when they bring it out…you might pass out at the sight of overabundant sausage…I still can’t get over it!


Mr. Maven, did you get a cheese slice with added sausage or was it the sausage rabe?

Tempted to get a whole pep, but if they’ll do a 1/2 pep 1/2 sausage…

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I had sausage added to regular slices, reheated…they def seemed open to 1/2 and 1/2 pies! when I go back, I might ask to cook the sausage longer…I remember at Sotto it always seemed a tad undercooked…but very good and shockingly abundant!

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Marco Polo has just returned to Europe via the Silk Road caravan from China with the recipe for Chinese flatbread (bing)…

MP’s buddy Joe says, “Hey man, why don’t you put some tomato sauce and cheese on that bread before putting it in the oven?”


Should do honey hard, honey

Some of the pics look great, some not. Mixed reviews but this looks super promising if they can get a handle on quality. I need this in my life

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im gonna try and go back tomorrow or Sat…this was a great pizza experience…the crust was outstanding!

but aint nobody gonna convince me to put honey on my pizza!

Not even Gabs Bonci?

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nope! but id love to hear he’s opening in LA!

Pizza Heaven? Is this a pizza thread or a thread about one pizza place? If it’s all inclusive, may I ask if anyone has been to Blackbird Pizza on Melrose? If so, any thoughts?

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