Pizza Heaven

fuck all that bullshit!

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weird…deep dish at Joe’s? well, theres a new Joe’s thats been opening around LA not affiliated with the original out of NYC which was excellent for a few years way back when

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That’s the girl you want to marry .it happened to me when she pulled out a jar of pickeled herring from her top dresser drawer. Its true. She was Norwegian.


I think @TheCookie might be referring to what us east coasters know as Sicilian? They do that at Joe’s on Sunset (which is the same one as just opened in Sherman Oaks.


yeah, Sicilian…Prince St Pizza!


Just a friendly heads up, thin crust can be Chicago style too. In fact, it’s probably more popular in Chicago than deep dish or stuffed. The style tends to be less charred but very crisp and often has a dusting of cornmeal on the bottom.

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Best pizza by the slice we’ve had in LA. The pepperoni is perfect. Crispy cups that collect all the juice. Salty but not overly so. The slices are kind of on the small side. Get extra. Make sure you ask for the parmesan. They keep it in the fridge but it’s the real stuff grated.

Must ask for the slices crispy.


Hey js76wisco…which pizzeria are U referring to?

That would probably be helpful.

thought so but the thread veered…yeah, I loved the slices but gotta go back!

Hit up Superfine for the first time tonight. Well worth the schlep! And partially (though only partially) dulled the sting from the closure of Sotto

Pepperoni fresh out of the oven - lovely chewy texture

The next two were not fresh from the oven so a little more crispy after reheating, but still great!

Salami honey slice and Escarole slice (the former scratched my itch for the Fiorata at Sotto)

Mixed salad