Pizza Supreme Being

Legit Slices at this hole-in-the-wall one man operation. Slices are available as a first-come-first-served basis and usually only last til early/mid afternoon. Traditional thin crust NYC-style in plain cheese or pepperoni. Also ‘square’ slices (grandma/Sicilian style) are available in pepperoni. He used to offer them is cheese too but they didn’t sell. He WILL sell you a plain cheese grandma pie (4 slices total) if you call at least a day in advance (he said the dough needs 18 hours to properly proof).

Whole pies in cheese, pep, or half and half are available to order for pickup but he WILL close orders for the day once he reaches capacity.

Plain cheese slice and pep grandma slice. Check out the AMOUNT of pepperonis. Maximum cuppage. Nice n spicy.

Undercarriage shots. Thin slice was crisp on the bottom but still very tender (very foldable). The edge would have made a fantastic breadstick all on its own. The grandma slice had a fabulous, audible crunch on its bottom with a light, airy focaccia texture throughout.

All told, one of the best by-the-slice spots in town. I WILL be getting a grandma cheese pie in the near future.

Pizza Supreme Being
1425 14th St. Sacramento, CA
1 916 917 5559


great info!
do you happen to ~know how often/when he close down orders for the day?
are single slices entirely comparable to a fresh pie?

I’ve only had the slices thus far. Have not tried a whole pie. The slices are top notch though.

They don’t do call ahead for slices. He tried to originally, but had too many no shows so he stopped.

As to when he closes orders, there’s no set times. When he reaches capacity, he stops accepting. As an example, the first time I tried to go we showed up at 6pm on a Saturday, not knowing how it worked. He apologized but said he was sold out for the day. He was in the store making pereordered pies for pickup.

Personally, if you want a whole pie, I’d order the day before. If you want a square pie, pep or cheese, make it two days.

Note you’ll have to call to order square pies. They’re not on the online menu.

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