Pizzeria Mozza

Okay, good to know. This wasn’t a “We must go out for pizza. Whose got the best?” kind of thing. Our son and his roommate had friends visiting and they wanted to go to a place they’d heard and read about. We do love Mozza. But we also live 2 miles away. It’s perfect for mom & dad to join then send them on their merry way.

P.S. Have you guys settled the argument about whether or not Mozza’s pizza is actually Neopolitan? Or is it kind of its own thing?

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I love Mozza. Dont mean to talk smack. It’s definitely a hybrid and Nancy’s own creation. The crust isn’t as high hydration as neop. Closer to a bread crust.


Neapolitan’s not crunchy.

mozza caprese

carbs aka keto diet mistress

mussels al forno with salsa calabrese

Pro tip: order your pizza uncut, boom, you’re now technically only eating one slice.

white anchovy, tomato, fresno chiles

salame, tomato, mozzzarella, fresno chiles

meyer lemon gelato pie, champagne vinegar sauce, candied lemon zest



Nice! Looks like a great meal @PorkyBelly. Time for a revisit soon. :slight_smile:


I’m going to try and pull myself away from the Budino for this next time.

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The move is to get the lemon pie AND the budino…cleanse the palate with the lemon then dip in the budino…pro move and what I order everytime :stuck_out_tongue:


also known as the @A5KOBE


Party of 3 on this night @PorkyBelly.

I had a somewhat disappointing dinner at Pizzeria Mozza. Nothing really stood out aside from Nancy’s unique crust and an excellent squash blossom fritti. On the other hand, pacing of the meal was nonexistent. Our server basically brought out all 6 of our appetizers in one go and our two pizzas and lasagne perhaps 10 mins after while we were still furiously trying to finish the appetizers…In the end, we were done with all our savory food within an hour.

mozza caprese
Light and refreshing. The roasted tomatoes are oh-so-sweet.


squash blossom fritti with ricotta

Shatteringly crispy batter is a touch oily but this souped up version of a cheese stick is excellent.

chicken wings alla diavola
Introducing dry & stringy chicken wings…at $4 a wing, this really shouldn’t be overcooked…

mussels al forno with salsa calabrese
Plump and juicy mussels. The accompanying toasts are way too toasted so they’re more like croutons and don’t actually soak up any of the broth…shame…

chicken Liver with capers, parsley & pancetta
Tasty enough

napolitana | tomato, mozzarella di bufala, olives, anchovies, chilies & fried capers
The combination of anchovies, olives, and capers are just way too salty…no bueno…but the flavorful crust is good

meatballs, mozzarella di bufala, tomato & fresh oregano
Again, crust is good but the evenness of saucing and toppings, as seen above, left a lot to be desired. I suspect that Nancy will slap me silly if I ever offer a pizza that looks like that to her. Am I gonna get crucify for saying that I like Triple Beam much better?

lasagne verde bolognese
I’m not much of a lasagna person but I liked this one and especially the caramelized cheese layer on top.

Filled with bolognese in each layer

meyer lemon gelato pie with champagne vinegar sauce & candied lemon zest
A light and refreshing way to end the night. Highlight of this dessert is the candied lemon zest which really breaks up any chance of monotonous while eating the pie.


Too bad about your disappointments. Though don’t count them out. Remember, they (she) may be going thru a bit of an adjustment period, due to the fallout from her libidinous partners. :roll_eyes:

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Maybe i’m wrong but i don’t think that’s it.

They are just so busy they are trying to turn tables as fast as possible. Pacing can go out the window. Then they try to get you to order everything at once. Nope, thats a bad move.

Usually the food is worth it though

It’s just a thought, not even an opinion. :slight_smile: Trying to bring a human element to the situation over there. Nancy Silverton is doing an amazing job considering she and the other female principles were left to clean up.

Anyway, for some reason I’ve never had great service at Pizzeria Mozza. So, that’s not surprising, but the pizzas are usually on point.

P.S. I think w/capers, anchovies & olives, salty is the point.


The accusations against Batali came out at the end of 2017. There’s no reason his recently selling his share of B&B Hospitality and Mozza Restaurant Group should have had any impact on the consistency of the pizza.

I don’t believe Silverton’s NY money partners ever had much influence on her restaurants beyond the wine list. There was no mess to clean up because her places had sexual harassment training and reporting procedures in place from day one.


Agree 100% - I love that pizza. And I love salt.

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Thanks Cliff Clavin. Maybe later I’ll do a you and find a ‘18 article about male chefs getting paid slaps on the wrist while their women partners (beards) were given more work and elevated but empty titles to show the world they are in a female friendly environment. It particularly talked about the elevated titles Silverton and both Bastianich women received and how they had to step up and in while Mario was scrubbed and Joe was on timeout. The truth is none of us are in their boardroom. We can only read the news, listen to insiders and interpret it in our own way. I say, they’re human not machines and this has to be stressful. But okay, maybe it has nothing to do with Moonboy having dry chicken wings and uneven toppings on his pizza. :roll_eyes:

Silverton’s title was and is chef / co-owner, which is exactly what she has been all along. As she said right after the charges against Batali came out:

Sexual misconduct of any kind is unacceptable in our workplaces, on any level and I simply do not stand for it. All of the restaurants we own together are led by women. From me and Dahlia Narvaez, to Liz Hong and Sarah Clarke.

For 10 years we have trained our staffs on sexual harassment and created procedures for filing complaints. As of today, Mario has stepped aside from our restaurants. I will continue to lead the restaurants as usual …

Joe Bastianich was never “on timeout.” He was the main one cleaning up the mess and negotiating to buy out Batali.

I’ve always thought that I’m a salt fiend but I guess not. @PorkyBelly what’s your thought on the napolitana pizza? I only remember you saying that you’re not a fan of olives.

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I’ve always thought the the sauce, cheese and toppings were sporadic. I’ve had the same experience for the last decade at the original and Newport Beach locale. Sometimes you get a lot of crust and sometimes you get extra salami.


Bummer. I hope you give them one more go.
I love PM. The lack of precision topping and the wide cornicione are pretty normal. I’m good with that because #thatcrust
I would stay away, personally, from that napolitana. It’s salty by design and it’s a bit much for me, too. But I’m also a guy who thinks that anything other than a Margherita is gilding the lily.