Places I ate on vacation in Boston in June - ROW34

We took a water taxi from the airport to our hotel. What a way to travel!
Our first night in town, I made reservations well ahead of time, at Row34 and still could only get 10pm. Luckily, they sat us a little earlier, at 9:30. Place was pretty packed. The wait was worth it - this place was excellent, and we ended up going back for lunch.
We got local oysters that the waitress recommended - there was quite a selection and she was very knowledgable about the different varieties.

Pictures are out of order - sorry, this was my main - a whole fish. It was phenomenal!!

This was another appetizer - smoked fish. Excellent!!

Husband got the cod - one of many he got on the trip - but this was his favorite! Big, giant piece of perfectly cooked cod.

Also great selection of wines and wines by the glass. This one was quite good!

As I said earlier, we went back for lunch and had the same waitress. She recommend another resto that we went to and had an fantastic meal. We had beer with lunch - they have a great selection of craft beers on tap.
We split a salad.

I had fish n chips - very, very good!!

Husband had a crab cake that blew me away - amazing combo of flavors.


Water taxi to the hotel… Sweet!
What did you think of the local oysters? I’m from Mass, but didn’t eat oysters there, and am not thrilled with the Cape oysters here in L.A.

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Sorry for the late reply. Was on vacay in northern california. When we lived back East, I’d get local oysters and soft shell crab. When I tried them in LA, they weren’t as good. Now, I only local. Just taste better. Even the crab I had in Trinidad, freshly boiled, taste betters than what I get here.

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I really love the Washington state oyster.