Portland - Need Recommendations for Upcoming Visit - Restaurants & Breweries?

Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone had recommendations for the Portland area for:

  • Great food (any cuisine). Price range around $100/person max or so (before tax & tip).

  • Great breweries specializing in Stouts / Porters.

Thanks in advance! (@Srsly @attran99 and others.)


For breweries specializing in stouts I would recommend Great Notion, Rogue and Modern Times. A few notes though. Modern Times has a bunch of breweries in SD, Carlsbad, DTLA and opening soon Anaheim so not a local Portland brewery but they have very good stouts on tap right now. You may have already visited some of their other locations so might want to try other places. Great Notion is more well known for hazy IPA but they have a couple good stouts. Most of them use maple syrup as its main adjunct. A tad on the sweeter side and a very distinct flavor. I think it’s worth trying but if you are not a fan of maple syrup then I’d pass. Rogue is old school but stl make very good stouts. They have some unique flavor combinations like spicy Siracha flavored stouts.


Le Pigeon, save room for the foie gras profiteroles


Olympic Provisions, I usually just nosh on all the different charcuteries


Thanks @Jase @js76wisco!

Really appreciate the recs. :slight_smile:

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Dunno if this is any good but I had an amazing “anaerobic washed” coffee tasting experience at their main location in Melbourne a few months ago. They mentioned opening a branch in Portland recently


We’re going in August, so am going to piggyback off of this list. My intern at work is from Portland and has given me a list of recs…I’ll have pull that up for you and post it as options for you.

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Hi @Chowseeker1999!

Portland is an awesome eating city, and I think you’ll have a great time. In my experience, almost anywhere outside of the few very highest end places will be more than doable for $100pp - it’s a distinctly more affordable city than LA (though tbh I almost never spend more than $100 in LA either…).

From my couple visits I’d recommend Eem (Texas BBQ + Thai food with a Tiki kind of theme? It’s bonkers but it really works - be prepared to wait though), Ok Omens, Olympia Provisions, and Ava Gene’s for sit-down meals. I have a ton of places marked because they sound great that I haven’t been able to try, yet, too… (Dame, Jacqueline, Gumba, Kachka…)

It definitely seems like an IPA + Sour city on the beer front, but as @js76wisco mentioned above Great Notion makes some pretty cool pastry-style stouts (big and sweet with lots of added flavors). I also like a lot of the malty beers from Hair of the Dog, who make all sorts of interesting and unusual styles, relatively few of which are IPAs. It’s refreshing, and their spot also has a fun old-school brewery vibe.

You could always try Apex and Beermonger too - Apex is a casual / mildly divey beer bar that always has a great tap list, and Beermonger is a bottle shop/bar combination, so they’ll have a wide array of local beers to try. I’d also keep an eye out for Pfriem beers - like many of the PNW breweries they lean towards funky farmhouse beers, but they make a couple of very nice stouts and dark beers too.

Have an awesome trip!

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