Post Your Daily Sandwich

Yeah I could have swore I saw a version from here on the site months ago that looked amazing–what I got looked nothing like it.

Checked out Restaurant Marin at SoCo in Costa Mesa for lunch. Top sandwich is the fried chicken club. A bit unwieldy but manageable once you take one of the chicken cutlets out of it. Bottom is the patty melt. I was not crazy about the open-face format, but it was one of the tastiest patty melts I’ve had. We also had the chili cheese fries, which were amazing. We’l definitely go back to check out some of their other items.


Thanks- I’ve been working with a client in Newport who springs for lunch or dinner- my choice.

Was at Memphis last week and forgot how good their buttermilk fried chicken was. Collards wonderful too. I think Tuesday night it’s only $10- that’s fast-food prices.

I love open-faced patty melts. The Hamlet was my favorite back in the day.

I think this one’s worth a try for you.

Great, needed a new place for next Friday.

Thanh Tam in Little Saigon.

#4 Spam and Egg Banh Mi



God, I hate Santa Monica rents…

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It’s not just the rents. I heard a really interesting talk recently with Diep Tran of Good Girl Dinette. She pointed out that the culture of “cheap eats” puts a lot of pressure on Vietnamese places to keep prices low, which in turn makes it hard to pay employees a decent (let alone living) wage.

I didn’t agree with her completely but thought she made some good points.



Roast pork banh mi from Saigon Sandwich $4 (Larkin Street, San Francisco). Still the gold standard in SF, despite all the new contenders.


Conquistador at Larchmont Wine and Cheese, no balsamic :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

It was a special sandwich so I am not sure how long they will have it. Leaving the balsamic off really set the flavors of the ingredients off.


Thanks for the rec @OCSteve, although I still didn’t get to try the patty melt or the restaurant :pensive: . We Ubered over Tuesday night and unfortunately Marin was closed (despite their website hours listed open), so ended up at sister restaurant ARC.

Loved everything about the place but the food- drinks and service were both outstanding.

Maybe we ordered the wrong things, but duck fat potatoes had no flavor, and neither did the fried chicken. Wedge salad was OK, but the star was the maple corn bread out of what we tried.

Despite all this, would go back and sit at the bar next time and just get a burger.

Still want that patty melt though!

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I had a similar experience with some their food. I’ve been back for drinks, but not food.

Oops, forgot about that as I usually follow your recs- especially since there aren’t that many posting that have to endure the horror that is living and eating in OC.:joy:


Aw c’mon. It ain’t that bad. I do wish I got around LA more, but my current position has me grounded.

I was being facetious. I’ll take living in Laguna any day over waiting 3 hours for chicken. You can’t have it all.


Geez, and sarcasm is my second language. I agree with you.

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McRib is back. 2 for $5.


WOAH. Had a truly outstanding chicken doner sandwich at Berlin’s. Ate it in the restaurant, which made a big difference. Meat was flavorful, veggies crisp, and the freshly pressed pide bread warm and pillowy. Much love to the beef and lamb, but chicken is totally the way to go.*

*Note: sandwich in the picture appears smaller than in real life. This thing is pretty big.

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Don’t be so humble.

You just have really big hands.