Post Your Daily Sandwich

Today I had this beautiful specimen - Soft Shell Crab Sandwich Special, $19.99, Santa Monica Seafood
I was there picking up some still writhing, giant Santa Barbra Spot Prawns when I saw the special on the board and went for it. GREAT!


Argh! Wish I had seen this earlier (b/c I didn’t take a pic at lunch). Had the samosa dosa (that counts as a sandwich, right???) from Mendocino Farms. I’d skip the “optional” sauce since the taste totally conflicts w/ the dosa. Otherwise, good stuff. :smiley:

Spicy crunchy fried chicken sliders at Twin Sliders on Sunset in East Hollywood.

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Curry chicken salad sandwich on walnut wheat from Sweet Lady Jane.

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I agree. It is one of the great seasonal sandwiches. Thanks for the reminder

The vegetarian cemita from Cemitas Poblanas Don Adrian is quite satisfying. I wish it had papalo, but apparently it isn’t in season at the moment. The radish slices were a nice touch.


Brownie ice cream sandwich at Sucre.

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Literally a “daily sandwich” kind of sandwich. Nothing fancy at all, but at 3 AM after a night of drinking sometimes there’s nothing quite as nice as a patty melt at Harbor House, the fries are some of the best diner fries anywhere as well funnily enough. Meat might not be free-range beef a la Belcampo, but damn if they don’t crisp the rye bread perfectly and get the cheese melted just right, and produce some decent grilled onions. Blood, cheese, onions, rye… sometimes it does a sinful trick.


Wow… tried two GREAT sandwich specials at Mendoncino Farms yesterday. Split an El Presidente Torta with adobado marinated chicken, and the Drake Farm’s Special with goat cheese and prosciutto. Both highly recommended.

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Ohmigod, that’s so funny. Partner and I had that exact same combo (I think) a few wks ago. I really liked the El Presidente, but my partner thought the prosciutto and cheese was a bit too cold for him.

Interesting… I liked the El Presidente but loved the Celebration sandwich – and I’m not usually a prosciutto guy. I kinda know what your partner means, though. I expected it to be warmer than it was. Probably because the bread is toasted but the fillings are cold.

Apparently there’s a Lasagna sandwich somewhere in OC.

EDIT::: I thought it was in OC but it’s not. Could be anywhere in the country in fact. my bad


No idea where?

finding out i was misled… current location unknown. not in OC though



I think that’s the lasagna grilled cheese sandwich from Rose City Pizza in Rosemead.


I had the Peruvian Sliced Steak at Mendicino today. Very tasty.
Santa Monica branch is a freakin’ human-zoo at lunchtime.

Friend and I specifically timed our last visit at 11:45AM (or was it 11:30AM?) specifically b/c of the crowd. It made a difference (it was either the time or the rain!).

+1 on the Peruvian steak.

Technically listed as a sandwich on the menu. :slight_smile: The veggie burger at Bachi.


What kind of patty did it have and how was it?