Post Your Daily Sandwich

I think the patty is bulgar wheat and what the menu (that I can find on-line on menupages) calls “red bean.” I thought it was quinoa, for what it’s worth. Tofu is then on top of that, and then there’s a thin sliver of something that I couldn’t identify.

I think it’s delicious. The patty is way too salty by itself but it nicely blends in w/ the rest of the sandwich/burger. However, it does, how to say this delicately, take a long time to make it’s way through your digestive tract…


Slow boat down the river…


Was in Cleveland for some Slyman’s Corned Beef over the Weekend…


Picked up a falafel sandwich from Falafel Shack in Artesia while I was out running errand during lunch.
Half a dozen crispy and well-seasoned falafel inside a giant pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickled turnips, pickles, and generous schmears of hummus and tahini.


Clementines - Grilled Cheese w/Roasted Asparagus, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Basil on Olive Bread. Also a good entry for April DOTM.


Hi @TheCookie,

Nice! I like a lot of things at Clementine’s, but it’s been a while. How was the sandwich? Looks delish!

Hi @Chowseeker1999

Clementine - Century City has curbside pick-up! It’s so easy. I work on The Wilshire Corridor and there is nowhere to walk.

April is their Grilled Cheese Month. This sandwich was a little bland. The Vermont Cheddar w/Roasted Cherry Tomatoes is the bomb. Add bacon if your cholesterol can take it :smile:. My work partner likes the Queso the Munchies (chili, cheese, fritos on country white). Their daily soups are great too. I could go on… You probably remember, they have sooo much good stuff.

@lilmikey - That looks really, really good.

@Bigmouth - I forget SLJ does more than dessert. Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich is one of my faves. How was it?

I really like it! One of my favorite curry chicken salads in town, actually. Pairs perfectly with the walnut bread. Just be forewarned their sandwiches are quite large. I actually ate half for lunch then the other half plus a salad for dinner.


Cubano - A Cut Above Butcher Shop
A very non-traditional Cubano (caramelized onions - WTF???) with a lot more pork shoulder than ham, but seriously tasty.


Love & Salt (Manhattan Beach)
Corned lamb tongue - fontina, tomato aioli, pickled peppers, rye

It was bite-sized, but it was terrific.


Rose Cafe Venice


Love the sandwiches at A Cut Above! Haven’t tried the Cubano, but they used to make an Italian Beef that was better than the one I had at Portillo’s in Chicago last week.

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I saw that on the blackboard - will definitely try it soon.

That Cubano looks really good but their burger is so spectacular that I have a hard time ordering anything else!

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Ooh… I’ve never tried their burger. What’s it like?

Turkey? What else is in it?

Sandwich Cafe (Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs)
The Dancing Avocado
Avocado, lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers, pickles, pepperoncini, mayo, mustard on whole grain wheat…this was half of my half sandwich.