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From their menu:
Our signature grass fed blend of short rib, ribeye, and brisket, caramelized onions, bleu cheese, tomato, lettuce, russian dressing*, serve on a brioche bun
I’m not a blue cheese guy but they offer multiple other options and a plus is that they will cook it to the requested temperature. All the components are good but the real star is their beef which has great flavor!

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From the butcher shop at The Cannibal Beer & Butcher in Culver City.

The meatball with kimchi marinara:

The leg of lamb butcher (only available on Mondays):

Both sandwiches were excellent overall. My only complaints were they seemed a little on the small side, and the bread didn’t seem to be of the same high quality as the meats. More like an Amoroso’s roll than the baguettes at Gjusta. Not bad necessarily, just not what I was expecting at the price point.

Still, as I say, they were excellent overall. I’ll definitely be back.


Oinkster Hollywood Pastrami

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What’s the green in the lamb butcher sandwich? Pea/mint puree? Fava puree?

looks like the gritty stuff my dentist uses to polish my pearly whites.


Gprime rib
Gbrisket banh mi


Arugula pesto.

Hehe. It definitely won’t leave your mouth minty fresh.

Bigmouth (or anyone):
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It did!


Filet mignon panini, from Churros Calientes (West LA)…

As if it couldn’t get more crowded there already (le sigh)…


Loved that sandwich the 1-2 times I had it. Glad to hear it’s busy. I was worried when they first opened if they’d survive…

The Cubano: A thing of beauty, served with mariquitas (thin-sliced fried plantains) & mojo sauce (that’s one delicious way to get your mojo back). The background of the photo features include one of the best mango batidos (milkshakes) I’ve ever had, and a lardicrously good (and FREE!) toasted bread & bean dip to boot…

Habana Vieja Cuban Cuisine And Cafe
1648 W. Carson St., Ste. B
Torrance, CA 90501



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We’ve enjoyed Habana a couple times - never had that delicious looking Cuban though. Just wish they were closer in proximity to our home.

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Made it to Cemitas Poblanos Don Adrian in the valley last weekend. We ordered the adobada and the milanesa head cheese combo. Loved the flavors and textures here. Everything really well balanced. We got both kinds of cheeses on both sandwiches. It is an extra $2.10 to get both cheeses, but the sandwiches are still a great deal.


Curious, did you cemita come with that very pungent, green herb? I ask because I recently had a cemita and said herb overpowered the entire sandwich.

I love papalo, the herb you were referring to. You can ask them to refrain from putting it on your sandwich.

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I’m not a big fan of papalo myself and always get my cemitas without. I think my reaction to it is probably close to how some folks feel about cilantro (which I like a lot).