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Sadly, it’s too late. They’ve closed and will be reopening as ARC wood-fired pizza…


Thanks @OCSteve. I thought the semi-answer about them being closed was sketchy. Heck, and I was going tomorrow.


Wexlers Pastrami (OG)

There is NOTHING about this that I liked better than Brent’s.

It tasted more like BBQ (smoked) brisket. Big ole pass. Getting a “Jewish” Deli-style pastrami here is the equivalent of getting a real Italian pizza at Jerry’s deli (Yes, Jerrys used to have Jerry’s Famous Pizza)

Mustard was good. Next time I’ll get that and eat it with a spoon.


for her mcpleasure


Made me laugh!


it does say something about the folks who got it, though.

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Office lunch shot (since the Eagles are doing so well):

Hoagie, chips and Tasty Kake… (from Philly West Bar & Grill in West L.A.)


I really need to remember Philly West next time I’m craving a hoagie.

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Smoked turkey sandwich from Wexler’s Century City. There have been some complaints about the pastrami at this location, but I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by this moist, tender turkey. I was also reminded that the crisp Kaiser roll is totally the way to go at Wexler’s.


That is a nice sandwich!

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I like how they cut that turkey.


I love their turkey.

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Not a daily sandwich, at least not yet, but Chubby Rice just recently introduced a “Beef Roll Sandwich”

Think your typical Taiwanese beef roll (a la 101 Noodle House) but instead of rolled into a burrito-like torpedo wrap using crispy pancake flatbreads, this is served in sandwich form using a Bolilo bun.

Good stuff. Like some Taiwanese 正妹 got together with a Spanish hombre. And left their condoms at home.

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Eh not really… based on this post, I gave the place a try. The veggies = nowhere near fresh, and the bread is not crispy, airy but incredibly chewy and tough. Sort of ruins the entire experience. The other poster make it look really nice with a great skill in photo arrangement, but the real hoagie sadly doesn’t really live up to how nice it looks in the photo. But it is pretty cheap…there’s that aspect. However, Gjusta’s Italian sandwich is closer to a great hoagie and about 100x more flavorful (3x as expensive, too, though).

Cheesesteaks are also kind of hampered by far too much of the chewy bread.

Or, I don’t know, maybe other people love super chewy bread in massive proportion to meat. No accounting for tasting. If you’re ever in Huntington Beach, John’s Philly Grille does hoagies that are the same style, but better in every way, though I wouldn’t say they are destination worthy per se.


Italian Grinder from North Italia in Irvine. Not really a Grinder, and I’ve never had turkey on an Italian, but this was really tasty.


Is 8:45am too early to eat a sandwich from Roma Market in Pasadena? Asking for a friend.


The answer for (ahem) “your friend” is simple: Yes, since 8:45am here is actually dinnertime in Italy!


Crispy chicken sandy at Hinoki…nom nom.

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Meatball at gwen right now soooo good