Post Your Daily Sandwich


Their hot chicken sandwich looks pretty tasty. My family wants to double down on heavy eating the day after Thanksgiving with dinner at Shake Shack. I’ve never been so I’m debating burger or chicken, but your photo is convincing me of the latter :stuck_out_tongue:


Scratch that. Leftovers won out tonight for our pre Arclight meal :roll_eyes:


Corned beef rueben at Brent’s.

No picture of the awesome matzo ball soup. Perfect for a rainy day!


Italian sandwich at A Cut Above. The meats were fantastic. Not salty great porky flavor. The bread was a miss. Too soft and pillowy. The gardinere had good crunch and nice spice. If I go back I’m getting the Cubano.


Do it. The cubano is excellent.


Yup was trying something new. I normally order the Cubano.
Their fries are excellent. Skinny but not shoestring. Good crisp. I am not 100% sure but I feel like they are hand made and not frozen. Spicy aioli on the side for a nice kick.

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I don’t know how I feel about that arugula. How did it play out.

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Meatball at Gwen today…was amazing.

They are giving out potato chips with it again and even a pickle now (great pickle).

with a really nice ciabatta roll…it was divine


The arugala was fine. Could have left it off or kept it. The bread threw off the entire sandwich. It was the consistency of a marshmallow. I would squeeze it as hard as possible and you’d see the bread start to expand back to its original form.

If they used the bread from Gjusta the sandwich would have been money.


Stopped into Gwen for their dry aged meatball. It was delicious as usual but I believe they may have changed the bread. My only complaint is that they slice the bread the whole way through and the meatball slices out. IIRC they used to wrap the sandwiches which prevented this issue from occurring, if you get one ask for the sandwich to be wrapped.

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This thing made me cry in Florence . Insane bread. Finnochiona. Caramelized onions. Pecorino. and i was snacking on marinated eggplant on the side. Dont even ask the price… and 4$ barolo glasses. i’m in the wrong damn country


Looks amazing. I will say though, I had a similar experience in San Sebastian last year where for about 4-5 days I was considering the possibility that I must move immediately. And then, at around day 6, fatigue around having the same kind of food all the time sunk in, and I started to miss the amazing variety we have here. But yes–that looks freaking amazing.

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Yep, I felt it in Italy.


Had some banh mi rolls on hand. Toasted it and fried up 2 eggs. A drizzle of Maggi from Germany made it a perfect breakfast. The yolks broke inside and oozed out. Would have put some pickled veg, but I was fresh out…shouldn’t have finished that kimchi from last night’s DIY KBBQ.


I keep going back to Labels deli on the groupon and this corned beef I tried today for the first time was so far my favorite. Somehow it’s both delicate and rich. Lovely really


Torta de Camaron at Holbox in DTLA

Big, wild, Mexican shrimp, battered & fried, inside crusty, fluffy, homemade bread w/creamy avocado, lettuce and pico de gallo. I detected baby tomatoes & pickled red onions (i think). This isn’t a good picture, but it’s a great sandwich.


Good ol charburger from the Habit


(No, you know!) - I see a little slice of Yucatecan mandatory garnish peaking out of the bottom left corner of your torta!

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You liked my hedging? :wink: Okay, but I only think the baby tomato was in there or just a big chunk of tomato from the pico de gallo.

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You know