Postmates / 800 Degrees Delivery - What was I thinking?

Major disaster last night. I ordered four pizzas and a large chopped salad from 800 Degrees in Westwood using Postmates for the first time. I’ve eaten at 800 Degrees a couple times and it was decent, no complaints.

The pizza was delivered on time, but totally undercooked and cold. As in, congealed. I had to crank up the oven and cook the damn pizzas, when the whole point was I didn’t want to cook, much less turn the oven on.

Waaaay too much cheese. I usually get no mozzarella, just ricotta, so I had no idea how over-glopped the pizza would be. You couldn’t taste anything else, the cheese drowned it out. The toppings were meager, other than the pepperoni. Yay, more grease.

On top of that, they forgot the salad, but inexplicably sent (and charged for) an extra pepperoni pizza.

Nobody at Postmates last night to fix this mess, but I got an email this morning. Let’s see how they handle it.

Margarita pizza, no one wanted to eat it. I think it’s frowning at me.


Yeah… You can see it was starting to get cold. It’s pink. We haven’t ordered pizza from 800 for that very reason, they don’t deliver it themselves. Have you tried Berri’s?

I have not. I’ll definitely check it out next time. It’s pizza/sub season again.

I wonder if I could get Bay Cities delivered?

[quote=“Bookwich, post:3, topic:4170”]
I wonder if I could get Bay Cities delivered?
[/quote]Oh that would be awesome. I’ve had success with UberEats. I trust the outside services to deliver sandwiches and salads. Pizza needs to stay hot.

UE has the same issues as PM, you’re at the mercy of independent contractors

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It makes me think of a particular item described in the menu in Naked Lunch. For those with a literary bent, here’s a clue: after… Supreme de boeuf.
Disgusting. Sympathies.:poop::confounded:


Ahhh… That’s funny. You turned me onto UE. I guess we got lucky the 2 times we used them.

there was a whole long thread on CH about the general subject of how Neapolitan pizzas don’t travel well.

they still don’t travel well.

it appears that they especially don’t travel well when you use a delivery company.


I don’t see how Postmates can be responsible for your pizza being undercooked, having too much cheese, etc. 800 Degrees is a mediocre chain restaurant with variable quality.

Postmates is great in my experience (based on hundreds of orders). UberEats sucks.

800 Degrees pizza is very bad when cold (and it gets cold quickly), but so is Pizzeria Mozza pizza. I recommend putting it in the oven for 5-10 minutes at 325-50. Or the microwave…

@westsidegal I know it doesn’t travel well, but last time I had 800 Degrees, the pizza was fine the next day.

The pizzas I received, all five of them were completely undercooked. As in, not a spot of char or crispiness on the outside edges and the dough was soft and pale.

@Alkiegourmand The pizza was congealed, hard-cheese cold. As though it had been sitting in someone’s car for a while, with no insulation at all.

My other issue with the delivery was that there was no way to get my salad and no way to call, text or speak to someone about the incorrect order.

And shouldn’t the driver check the order?

The pizza place even spelled my name wrong, which isn’t a big deal, but does indicate a certain level of sloppiness fulfilling the order. I’ve read that restaurant workers hate Postmates and put tickets at the end, etc., because they never get tipped for Postmates pick-ups. Who knows.

Update: Postmates refunded the cost of the entire order! How nice is that?

I was very pleasant in the emails back and forth regarding my order, it was more of a report, I wasn’t asking for anything. I considered it a write-off. I did not expect that they would comp the entire order. That’s impressive.

I was going to give them another try anyway, one mustn’t judge based on one situation, but now definitely. With a different restaurant. :slight_smile:


then you have been doing better than i have ever done anywhere.

in my experience, every single neapolitan pie that i’ve had that spent more than 15 minutes between leaving the pizza oven and going into my mouth has been wretched.
doesn’t seem to matter what restaurant is the source of the pie, to my palate, neapolitans degrade intolerably when being transported.
can’t even imagine one being "fine the next day."
to me, the breadier pies (is that even a word?) like the lodge bread pies hold up better to transport and reheating.

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[quote=“Alkiegourmand, post:9, topic:4170”]
800 Degrees pizza is very bad when cold (and it gets cold quickly), but so is Pizzeria Mozza pizza. I recommend putting it in the oven for 5-10 minutes at 325-50. Or the microwave…
[/quote]I agree that Mozza pizza does not travel well. But putting it in a microwave is just wrong.


That’s funny. I guess we shouldn’t put Naked Lunch on Ipse’s “food-centric novels” thread.

@westsidegal I think we may just have different standards for what’s “wretched” when it comes to leftovers. :slight_smile:

I won’t eat a leftover burrito or taco, that, to me, is some wretched leftovers.

I’m glad you wwre refunded, it’s the right thing to do, but I would wager that 800 Degrees actually refunded you after they spoke with Postmates.

We have been pretty happy with Postmates as one of our delivery options, but they will ask us if we want to refund, I never have seen them do it on their own.

Just trying to give 800 Degrees a little acknowledgement, that’s all.

I didn’t know that. I went back and checked the email. Here is the pertinent part (we chatted about football a little, too):

"I have refunded the entire meal for you in the amount of $64.11.

We do not want you to receive items that are not in the appropriate condition, thus we will follow up with the parties involved to prevent this issue for recurring."

So I assumed Postmates ate the cost. Kudos to whoever did, it was very nice.

sorry Bookwich, no way the pizza was fine the next day…if you thought it was, you might as well order domino’s or Lamonica’s

You can get anything delivered.

If a restaurant isn’t listed on Postmates you can create a custom order for a specific restaurant.


I will order from anywhere I damn like, thank you.

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